What to Eat When You Feel Like You Can’t

by Tiffany

I'm about six weeks pregnant. I'm 16 and I started getting morning sickness a week ago. It lasts all day and i throw up at least 3 times every day. What can I eat that won't make me feel worse?


Hi Tiffany,

A lot of women have the same problem you're experiencing. They just feel too queasy to eat, and when they do, it comes right back up. This can be pretty normal during pregnancy. If it gets extreme, however, you should talk to your doctor or midwife because you can begin getting dehydrated.

For now try to take it easy. Gentle foods that are quickly digested are best, and you should try and eat small, frequent meals.

Many women find that yogurt is very easy to eat. A whole milk yogurt is good for you and your baby. Cheese is also good and some women can eat that even with morning sickness.

Nuts, cold cuts, and fruits are other things women find easy to eat. Some women are able to get nutrients in through a daily smoothie (or two or three).

Like I said above, small, frequent meals are your best bet. In fact, if you get sick you should try and eat something as soon as you can just so you can keep nutrition going for yourself and your baby.

Protein foods are especially important and can help reduce nausea. Try to avoid sugary foods and junk foods which won't do you or your baby any good and could cause you to become more queasy.

Your nausea will probably pass as you get through your first trimester. In the second trimester women usually start to be able to eat more (even feeling ravenous!) and get a lot more energy.

Best of luck with your pregnancy!

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