What Type of Cloth Diapers?

by Janelle

I am overwhelmed with all the options of cloth diapers—fitted, all in ones, one size, prefolds, etc.

What kind of cloth diapers would you recommend? Is there a brand you especially like?



Hi Janelle,

The range of cloth diaper options is truly overwhelming!

I have tried a lot of cloth diapers with my four kiddos, and I have to admit I like prefolds best for a small baby.

I just find a prefold and a cover simplest to put on (I use Snappi fasteners), and easy to clean. Plus you can go with completely natural materials – cotton (or hemp) prefold and a wool cover. I like having natural materials on my babies.

For older babies I have found that pocket diapers can sometimes be easier, simply because they’re fast to put on, and if you have a “smaller” baby they’re not so bulky as the larger size prefolds.

But prefolds are still nice and versatile.

My favorite pocket diaper brand is BumGenius – I think they’re well made and they work well. Plus I like the stretch sides that fit my babies 🙂

I also think supporting a work-at-home mom by buying her diapers is always a good choice. I would suggest picking a WAHM that gets good reviews for her diapers so you know you won’t have issues with leaks! It’s always good to support another mom!

Good luck trying to tame the diaper jungle 😉

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