Why Boobs are Hot but Breastfeeding is Not

Maybe you’ve missed this excellent video:

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I don’t know too much about Joey but I am seriously thrilled to see he made this video! It’s eye-opening.

Breastfeeding mama needs to nourish her child. Beautiful woman wants to dress in a very, well, revealing outfit.

The public has no problem whatsoever with our beautiful, arguably under-dressed friend. But our breastfeeding buddy steps onto the scene to give her little one a sip and just watch the reactions!

I’m happy there were a couple of supporters, but totally shocked by the negative reactions.

We tend to stay home a lot, so I’m not out nursing my baby around people every day, but I can say I’ve never really had anyone react negatively when I’ve needed to nurse out and about. I actually think it’s really important that you do breastfeed in public.

That’s the way we’ll change reactions like this.

I want my sons to see women breastfeeding in public. I want my sons to realize that’s normal and healthy.

Watch the video again – the guy says that breasts are “hot” and breastfeeding is not… and that’s really what the problem is.

Boobs are hot. Nursing a baby is not.

I want my sons to know that breastfeeding is what breasts are for. They’re not for him to ogle over while they’re squeezed out of the top of a shirt that looks like it’s 3 sizes too small. They’re not warning lamps to let him know there’s an incoming hottie. They’re not items to be compared from one girl to the next. They’re not a deposit box for some random dude’s phone number. They are made for feeding babies.

My sons are welcome to enjoy their wives and all of the busty bounty they might have been given… but first and foremost I want them to realize those beautiful boobs are there for making hot milk – not hot and bothered men.

It’s time to grow up ladies and gentlemen – boobs are for breastfeeding.

Why Boobs are Hot

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    1. I felt sad for that too – we really need to get our society to the place where a woman can feel confident (and relaxed) about breastfeeding anywhere!

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