Why Midwives are Good

A ‘care model’ is how your doctor or midwife takes care of you. The Midwifery Model of Care gives you not just appointments, but time and real support. It’s a superior prenatal care model for use with pregnant women. 

You often find that doctors give quick appointments.  Go in, get a quick physical check, ask a few questions, and then you’re out again.  I hate to say it but I often felt like I was being sent through a cattle run when I was in my OB’s office.  A midwife often takes a more lengthy approach – she checks the physical things but she also spends time talking to you and discussing what’s going on with you mentally and emotionally.  In fact a midwife is often a very good person to see if you’re stressed during pregnancy or even if you’re trying to work through past abuse before you give birth to your baby.

There are doctors that do this. And there are midwives that don’t give you much time to talk.  But I think it’s important to have someone to talk to through pregnancy.

Today I talked with my midwife from my first three babies.  I made a big move at the beginning of the year and moved away from my first midwife.  I’ve found a new midwife here that I really like, but I also enjoy talking to my first midwife.  We’ve had a friendship develop and she knows me so well after three pregnancies I feel I can talk to her about things going on and get valuable advice.

So today it was nice just to talk and to hear her feedback on some things I’ve been thinking over.  It’s really enjoyable to get that other point of view from someone you really trust.  Perspective – sometimes it’s good to have another’s perspective.

Midwives are good listeners.  And sometimes I think that’s what women really need.  Someone to listen while you work through things to prepare for pregnancy and birth.  Someone you can share your fears with, your hopes with.  Someone who will help guide your mind in the right direction, so you can get yourself ready for birth. 

Your mental and emotional preparation for birth is just as important as the physical preparation.  Modern women are missing that.  Midwives bring that back to women, and it’s one of the reasons they’re such a blessing and an asset to modern maternity care.  I hope to see midwifery and the “midwifery model of care” continue to grow – and I hope more women learn just how important it is to have a care provider that is willing to help them through all of the issues pregnancy brings.

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