Wipe-Clean, No Mess Bibs by ZiZu Babies!

Sadie has a crush on Wesley Crusher…

…as you may already be guessing, we are a family full of Star Trek geeks, and on Friday nights we watch old Star Trek episodes with the older kids. Sadie, being a baby, has gotten some free passes and as a joke we pretend she has a crush on Wesley Crusher. So, it was only natural that she got a “Team Crusher” shirt for her very first birthday…


…and that leads us to the problem…

Sadie promptly got (stevia-sweetened) chocolate all over her new shirt.

Now, I know it wasn’t actually sent to her by Wesley Crusher. But it was yet another stained shirt gone to our messy self-feeder! I knew something had to change! So I was thrilled to give the No Mess Bib by ZiZu Babies a try!

I have to admit that I didn’t really have high hopes for the bib – Sadie is really good at making messes. But I have been more than pleased!

One huge problem we’ve had is that Sadie is offended by bibs :p She’ll pull the right off! Everyone was happy when we realized that the No Mess Bib is going to stay put… she can’t pull it off!


My older kids often help Sadie with breakfast and lunch, and they were all singing the praises of this bib before I even got to try it at supper.

Just the fact that it stays on the toddler made a huge difference for Sadie’s clothing 🙂

She doesn’t seem to mind it, either (at least not once she realized it was going to stay on and there was nothing she could do about it!).

It’s made of food-grade silicone, which I was already a fan of for nursing jewelry (and muffin tin liners 😉 ). She will chew on it a little if she gets bored at the table, so I appreciate that it’s something safe for a little “nibble” (even with her gnawing on it here and there it still looks new – no bite marks).


It’s also easy-to-clean. Other bibs had to go into the hamper to be washed. These can be washed clean in the sink very quickly. They’re actually top-rack dishwasher safe but my kids find them so easy to clean that they hand wash them and hang them to dry.

If you lived in my house, you’d realize how monumental that statement is – getting my kids to willingly handwash things feels like pulling teeth! But they’ll wash and wipe these bibs up every time 🙂 We leave them hanging near the dish rack to grab easily before a meal, but they also roll neatly and could easy be taken out and about.

The pocket on the bib will catch some food, but not all. I wish that the bib itself were a little longer, and maybe a little wider at the pocket. It does a good job at keeping her clothing stain-free (YAY!), but some food still escapes between the bib and the edge of her highchair tray. I think if the bib were slightly longer, that wouldn’t happen.

Other than that, we love these bibs and they are definitely our go-to now (it feels liberating to get rid of the ineffective cloth ones!). I think they’re cute, too. The red one has a fun print and I really like the teal with the little butterfly on it. Both feel really gender-neutral and I like that in the event that another little one comes along 😉

The bib also came with a nice, light baby spoon, which Sadie definitely approves of!

I’d never even considered a silicone bib before, but I wouldn’t look back now. It makes it much easier to relax and let Sadie self-feed, so everybody is happy 😀

Click Here to Get a Set of ZiZu Bibs for Your Little One

I did receive a pack of bibs for me to give my honest review!

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