Aaron’s Birth


Aaron is baby number 6. I decided to have a home birth after 3 really annoying hospital situations. One was a c-section, and the two others were being forced into induction because my water broke and labor had not started. I was definitely on the clock. I fought for more time before the induction but my contractions were only 10 minutes apart. Finally I agreed to the induction and wish I had not. I then asked for an epidural for the pain which was administered for only 20 minutes because the labor kicked in. So relief for 20 minutes and back to the pain again. The midwife was ironing out my perineum and that sent me into a pain so great I felt it from a past life! My Goodness hospital births: No more for me!

With another epidural birth, the doctors wanted to speed me along. I asked for the epidural at 4 cm, the doctor came to my room, checked me said I was 7 cm, “we’re going to give break your water, give you an epidural and you’re going to have a baby! I didn’t even fight it. As soon as they broke my water, I went from 7cm-10 cm immediately and it was so intense, I had to push they told me not to, I told them the epidural was not working, they increased it and then I felt nothing. No urge to push but now they are telling me to push! 2 nurses on my right and 2 on my left and one in back of me pushing my head into my chest and would you believe another nurse came in and tried to get blood from me?! I mustered up enough strength to give them a real peice of my mind and refused it then I could not do anything.

The Doctor went inside and pulled out my 8 lb 6 1/2 ounce baby girl who was unresponsive for what seemed like an eternity. She gave her first breath and all was good.

Now with Aaron’s birth, my mind was set on a homebirth. The only mistake I made was choosing a horrible midwife at [practice name removed by editor]. Jeanette [last nanm removed by editor] came to my home, stayed for 3 hours at which time I was 5 cm and left me saying that I was not in real labor and to call her if contractions speed up. Also the next day her 2 week vacation was starting.

So at 7 am she left, I was 5cm and 3 hours later my son was born on my bathroom floor.

During the rest of my labor, I was distracted from the pain because of my other children in the house. My husband tried to look after me and the children who wanted to play in the yard. I began to feel like throwing up. Through 2 contractions, I controlled the urge to throw up. The third contraction, I could not hold it anymore, I got off my bed, walked to my bathroom and made it to my bathroom sink. At the same time I had a strong urge to use the toilet and not to pee.

I was so scared that the baby would fall into the toilet but I had to go. As I started to sit on the toilet, I noticed the head was coming fast and furious, so I held onto the wall and stood up, legs apart and noticed little drops of blood coming down onto my leg and the floor. I called my husband who was in somewhere with my toddler, he came in and checked on me and freaked out. I took my towel from around my waist, lay it on the floor and lowered myself on to the floor. The head came out, the police arrived and asked my if I could wait for the ambulance. You know people can be so freaking dumb!Heck no I could not wait and the baby could not either. The baby was born, the ambulance was there while his body slithered out, I picked him up and they took me to the hospital. They even had the nerve to lie on the birth certificate and say my baby was born in the ambulance! So in the end I ended up having an unassisted home birth. The funny thing is that when I was 8 months pregnant, my intuition told me to buy home birth supplies, just in case I had to do this alone, and I did, and what happened? I ended up doing it alone. So this time I plan on doing another unassisted home birth, but this time I won’t rely on some midwife. It’ll be me and my husband and our children. I will have my husband give me an enema at the onset of labor, I will keep a basin at my bedside and I will have a wonderful unassisted home birth.

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