Real Mom’s Stories: Natural Birth Stories, Hospital Birth Stories, Home Birth Stories, Water Birth Stories, and More!

Natural birth stories are a lot of fun to read! Check out these 138 honest stories from real moms, organized by natural hospital births, home births, birth center births, and even some unusual birth places! VBACs, waterbirths, pictures, and more noted by the story. Ready to prepare for your baby’s arrival? Read my full natural birth guide!

You can share your baby’s birth! Submit your birth story and I will add it to the collection.

My Babies

  • Cassidy – My first teacher
  • Asher – I found my strength
  • Brennan – Thankfulness is the lesson he brings (Water Birth)
  • Galen – Unassisted, midwife didn’t make it! (Water Birth)
  • Honor – Joy and light (Water Birth)
  • Corwin – Mama-directed pushing; quick and peaceful (Water Birth)
  • Sadie – Just Mama and Daddy there, very peaceful (Water)
  • Phoenix – A promise fulfilled, BIG little guy! (Water)

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Handle Labor Pain

Natural Birth Stories: Hospital Births

More Natural Hospital Births

  • Victor – Exhausted mom able to rest up and have her babe!
  • Taylor and Luke – Swaying and rocking help this mama
  • Lola – Lots of laboring at home, birthing at hospital
  • Rachael – Excellent descriptions of working with labor!
  • Emma’s Baby – Babe pinks up beautifully without assistance
  • Little Dude – From Dad Dude’s perspective – great story!
  • Jamin – Scriptures and the Pink Kit help mom through! (Induction)
  • Nevaeh – Labor moves along quickly!
  • Tyson – Long pushing stage with overcoming worry about the “ring of fire.”
  • Miles – Big baby, labor support companions help pelvis open wider.
  • Amanda’s Baby – Mom found birth ball very helpful
  • Beana – Great Hospital VBAC – most of labor at home, baby born less than 15 min after getting to hospital! (VBAC)
  • Jacob – Mom tells stunned doctor that baby is on the way out NOW!
  • Kendall’s BabyAwesome hospital VBAC after 3 c-sections! (VBA3C)
  • Jen’s Baby – “It never fazed me that the hounds were at my door, I was on the clock and people were betting against me, against birth.” (VBA2C)
  • Jennifer’s Baby – incredible story with great pics, dad is able to sit behind mom to support her during birth. This story will empower you!
  • Killian – amazing mama advocates for herself and baby through an induction (Induction)
  • Anne – VERY fast birth of a first baby girl!
  • Kyler – Mama is induced for pre-eclampsia and has a lovely natural hospital birth (Induction)
  • Jude – Quick arrival on a birth stool takes everyone by surprise

These Hospital Babes Arrived in Water!

  • Eleu – Shoulder Dystocia, pics
  • Michelle’s Baby – with long pushing stage that’s totally worth it!
  • Aria – Very inspiring story
  • River – Mom faces doubts with Daddy’s help and pushes out her big boy naturally
  • Zeke – Mama is assisted by three wonderful doulas
  • Bruno – This is one BIG boy!! Incredible story!
  • Violet – Glorious story, baby slips out gently in one push!

Natural Birth Stories: Home Births

  • Elizabeth Joy – Truly joyful, detailed description of the pushing stage & mama advocating for herself and baby!
  • Dean – Wonderful home birth with a German midwife for this military family
  • Eloise – Unhindered and trusting in the Lord (VBAC)
  • Carly – Posterior Baby
  • Kate’s Baby – Older sibling narrates as baby slips out!
  • Thane – Daddy helps Mama get back in control
  • Sadie – Labor in the water
  • Liberty Sage – sqatting and all fours help bring baby out
  • MaceyFast little breech babe (VBAC, Breech)
  • Heather’s Babies – Two Hospital babes + Homebirth with 3rd
  • Kirsten’s babyAnesthesiologist chooses no meds!
  • William – BIG baby!
  • Aurora – Hypnobirthing used!
  • Lea – Getting vocal gets baby out
  • Leah – Bradley Method techniques were very helpful

More Home Birth Stories

  • Benjamin – a very fast baby
  • Aaron – Swift entrance in the bathroom(VBAC)
  • Aiden – Born just in time! (Born in Water)
  • ChrisA 10-month-mama shares her story!
  • Elia Rose – Dad helps Mom focus using breathing
  • Isaiah – Empowering home birth of a 36-weeker
  • Becoming Atmosphere: The Laborious Details of Giving the Light to Iris Luna Erskine
  • Caroline’s Baby – Empowering VBAC at home (VBAC)
  • Quinn – Great New Year’s Eve baby!
  • FionaAmazing breech, Mom advocates for herself and baby to have a wonderful experience. (Breech)
  • Joseph – Great relaxed experience.
  • Tad – Birthing starts in earnest when Mom settles her concerns
  • FiddleLabor stalls at 9cm for several hours
  • Koen Storm – Koen is welcomed by his 5 siblings!
  • Clara – Mom overcomes fear and embraces the experience
  • K’s Story – Lovely, calm arrival!
  • Rylen – Quick and peaceful Bradley baby (VBAC)
  • Stephen Patrick – Very fast arrival!
  • BethMiranda’s Baby Girl Story – Feisty mama and baby have a great experience
  • Gideonfrom discouraged about being only 2cm to babe in arms!

Home Water Babies!

  • Kathryn – Two hands by her cheeks! (VBAC)
  • Hannah Elizabeth – with pics!
  • Sophianna – With a pic
  • Miriam – Mama’s body pushes all on its own
  • Angeliya – “Euphoria swept me away”
  • Ava – Beautiful outdoor arrival!
  • Kyra – Mom finds transition a time of great focus
  • Toni’s BabyWonderful! Good description of couple’s decision to be home
  • Evangeline – Lots of moving, in and out of tub
  • Sage Makena – Beautiful arrival after a long labor
  • Willow – Very peaceful experience using Bradley method – video included.
  • Will – Unsure about staying home but thrilled after going through with it!
  • Amanda’s Baby – Hard labor but totally worth it.
  • Kage – Peaceful, part of labor spent in the swimming pool!
  • Hallie – Mama finds the water really helpful 😀 Beautiful pics!

Unassisted Births

  • Amy’s baby a lovely freebirth in Chile – mama helped by this website 😀
  • Emrys – Siblings provide love and comfort
  • Christy’s baby – Mom unloops cord and gets baby going
  • Valerie’s Baby – Too quick for the midwife!
  • Nikolai – Just wonderful! (In Water)
  • Cougar – Beautiful solo mama. Very inspiring UC! (In Water)
  • Leyla Jane – Incredibly fast little arrival!
  • Benjamin – Quick surprise unassisted birth at home!
  • Karen’s Baby – Daddy catches an unexpected, unassisted babe!
  • Jeska – Sweet baby comes as a teacher 🙂
  • Bridget Avery – Born before Mama could get out the door to head to the birth center! Gorgeous pics and a fun story of finding out Mama was pregnant!
  • Unassisted Birth at the Cabin – sweet and intense in the quiet of the cabin

Birth Center Births

  • Henry – Mom really enjoys pregnancy and relishes being able to deliver her little man
  • Lindsay – Challenging pushing stage
  • Trenton – Mom is surprised to be fully dilated!
  • Lily’rei – A joyful Hypnobirth!
  • Eliseo – First time mom!
  • Clarissa’s Baby – Beautiful descriptions of labor feelings
  • Kadence – Challenging labor
  • Willow Margaret – Lovely arrival after overcoming a “medwife” sanctioned hospital trip.
  • Zephyr – So eager to be born he arrived in the car en route!
  • Kaylee – Labor putters a bit then moves very quickly!
  • Kristy’s Baby – Lovely pictures with Mom bringing up her own baby!
  • Iona – Baby ushered in with wind and chimes!
  • Jane – Arrival with a splash of water and laughter! Beautiful pics
  • WillaSurprise after infertility and fostering a house full of forever family siblings!
  • Cedric – Mama experiences classic “double peaks” and makes it through transition beautifully! Great pics
  • Tristanborn at The Farm in Tennessee!! Great pictures <3

The Water Babies


  • Maia – Visualization helps this mom during pushing
  • Katy’s Baby – Mama learns to relax to let baby come
  • Peque – Patient-controlled medication for labor, turned off for baby’s arrival.

More Natural Birth Stories

Would you like to read more natural birth stories? Some of my own favorites (I have read and re-read them in every pregnancy!) are in Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Spiritual Midwifery.

(NOTE: Want a Perfect Birth Plan Template? Use this template and step-by-step videos to write a birth plan that gets your birth team on your side for a beautiful birth experience! Get the birth plan kit here.)

Handle Labor Pain

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