Angeliya’s Birth

by Tijuana, USA

Around 6:50 pm, while at the computer, I felt a pain I had never felt before. It felt like my baby had jumped head first full force right into my pelvis and then hit me with an arm. Actually I know it was an arm. Right then I knew I would go into labor and have baby in the a.m.

I went out into the yard where my husband was working and listening to music, I began helping out until I got began having some contractions that still had me a little unsure if this was actually it. Some of them were strong and some were not.

I ordered pizza, lasagna and some other dish. My husband got the camcorder ready and we chilled out the rest of the night watching dancing with the stars. My children stayed close by me while I used the birthing ball, until they got tired and went to bed.

I showered and watched tv here and there. At 1:45 am, I was 3 minutes apart. I got back in bed to rest. I lost my mucous plug at 2:14 am. Got back in bed and felt my water break at 2:59 am. My midwife arrived about 3:40 am.

I labored on my couch for a while, since I was still in control and still a little comfortable. As my contractions became stronger, I sometimes needed my husband to massage my back and it helped. I got on my knees and rested my head on the couch while moving my body in a circular motion and that helped for a few contractions. My midwife and husband helped me into the birthing pool which was so much more relaxing, but it slowed the contractions down a bit. At that point I did not care, I wanted it to slow down so I could gather myself, and try to think about what my body was doing for the 7th time.

The contractions were slowing down a little so my midwife offered nipple stimulation and getting out of the water. OMG when I got up to get out of the water, those contractions were stabbing me I could not walk so I sat back down. When she squeezed my nipple just one time while in the water, I just could not have that. They helped me out of the pool and she checked me and said the babies head was not quite down.

I got back in the pool and about 30 minutes later, the baby started coming fast and furious and when her head came out, it slipped back in, I said damn I have to go through another contraction?! Whew! The next contraction her head came out and the midwife told me to touch her head. It was so soft like puddy, Wow! Euphoria swept me away. Everything in my body and mind changed, the pain did not feel like pain, it actually felt very very goooooood. I did not push her out. She came out by herself and I picked her up, saw it was a girl and was soooooo happy and sooooooo relieved. I put her to my breast immediately and she began sucking.

All of this happened just in time, because the video cam ran out. She was born at 5:29 am and weighed 7lb 4oz. Beautiful, soft, cuddly, healthy. This was the birth experience I had wanted and finally received.

Kelvin and Tijuana lil sweetness:

Angeliya Hadasa
March 23, 2009
5:29 am
7lb 4oz

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