Aurora’s Birth

by Abigail, UK

Well where to begin….so I started my hypno-birthing classes at around 32 weeks and practised religiously my relaxation techniques and listened to my cd's she gave me, each night. I often found that I would fall to sleep before they had finished. Listening to these made me feel a lot more confident and stronger in myself.

I started getting tightenings in my belly perhaps braxton hicks at around 35 weeks though I knew that was all they were though towards the last week of pregnancy i would get periods of tightening each day rather than every few days.

I was convinced though that I was going to be really over due and I was concerned that they would make me go and get induced. I am a bit of a pessimist. See I just really wanted to be at home birthing my baby.

Then on Thursday 20th September at around 5.20am I awoke to an achy belly, I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant at this point, I was quite used to waking up throughout my pregnancy at odd times in the night for a wee so I thought thats all it was. So I went for a wee, got back in to bed and went back to sleep though I couldn't get comfy eventually drifting off though sleeping lightly as I was aware of this achy period type niggle , so I did have a couple of checks on the clock and there seemed to be a 10 minute gap.

Nothing more got back to sleep.

Awoke at 9.30 am waiting for that ache i had awoken to in the night and ooohh there it was, ok , right so I kept my eye on it left my Other half asleep as i was convinced that it was just those braxton hicks but perhaps a little stronger, I thought I'd run a bath as I didn't really know what to do with myself not in a panic just like hmmm ok maybe its baby day but not actually wanting to decide if it was or wasn't!!!!

Rang my Mum, i decided a couple days before she was going to be my hypno-birthing partner, even though we hadn't really practised much together.

She said she would come right away. I was like no don't be silly as she lives an hour away without a car and didn't want to drag her over unnecessarily decided I would keep an eye on the sensations and ring her after my bath.

That bath was my last ever completely relaxing bath not a care in the world and no-one else to really worry about just me in the quiet with the hot lavender scented water and my baby slowly on her descent into the world .

I wouldn't change my life now for the world though.

So my mum made her way to my house and i dressed up in my comfy clothes, made my favourite biscuits and sat down to eat a pasty, in came my mum and then My partner woke up to me telling him of the new happenings.( whilst I am writing this I keep thinking where was Aurora and then remember she was in my belly, just shows it feels like she was always here).

My mum and I went for a walk this day there was the worst rain and I got soaked through to the skin this is something I hate to let happen, we went for a hot chocolate at this cafe and I rang the midwifes to see when someone would need to be called out, she said when the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, I didn't like the sound of her she was quite abrupt, I was feeling so excited as I walked to the loo I was thinking oh my god I am going to have a baby soon something I kept thinking until I saw my daughter in the flesh. I don't know what I thought I was going to be birthing i still get overwhelmed by the fact that I grew a baby!

I started to feel tired. On our way home we stopped at the shop and I brought two packets of fruity polos. It seemed like we had not been out for long but when we got home it was around three o'clock, I think my other half was going to send out a search party had we not returned soon.

That afternoon I just rested it seems a bit of a blur and like I was in some sort of dream because I knew something big was happening something miraculous and unique to me. I wasn't sure how long it would take or how many curves there would be on this journey I was embarking on.

I tried to settle down to sleep I listened to some music and lay on my bed I remember just being so excited, then it was 6 0'clock my other half announced he was going out for a couple of hours to see his friend, it was ok as my mum was with me, I definitely felt the need to concentrate more on my breathing as I felt the surges (contractions) tightening across my big belly.

The music helped me drift off even though I was just relaxing into my rocking chair though I knew something bigger was going on.

At around nine pm my other half came back I wanted quiet and decided to have a soak in the bath though couldn't relax in there found it irritating as the candles fell in, put on my nighty and went to get into bed I just wanted to listen to my cd's.

We rang the midwife as the surges were coming closer together, I think I still wasn't convinced that these tightening feelings I was experiencing would lead up to Aurora's birth it was all so calm, the midwife said ring back when they were 2 /3 minutes apart, I was happy as I got to speak to the midwife who was coming out to me and she sounded nice.

I had some porridge to eat.

I was drinking lots of liquid so kept going to the loo wondering if the baby would just come out. At 11.30 pm ish when i wiped myself there was a show(bloody goo,plug thing) this convinced me something was happening.:-) My waters were still intact.

My mum would stay with me talking or just being there for me I felt lucky to have her there, she would do little massages and stroke my arm.

The midwife came at 2.30am ish as the surges were becoming closer together, I was feeling quite chatty and jolly I felt like I could chat in between surges.

In retrospect it got to a point where I sounded drunk I was that relaxed!

The room where I birthed my baby was our downstairs living room, my partner had moved the bed in there though a week before as we have downstairs loo and close to kitchen,garden etc. My rocking chair was in the bay window in front of the stereo a few feet in front was the end of the bed and beyond that is the real flame fire above there on the mantle I had fairy lights and also candles,it was really cosy, we didn't use the big light at all as the midwife had a torch!!!! lol !!!

When she arrived I got onto the bed and let her feel my belly to check the position of the baby , also check my b.p she pressed my belly though I didn't want her to examine me at that time, I got back into my rocking chair and we all listened to my cds together I think the midwife fell asleep about an hour later she examined me and confirmed i was quite dilated perhaps 8cm she got me to get up and walk around as the surges started slowing so to get them coming back I had to walk up the stairs time just ticked by soooo fast I just remember I started feeling nauseous this is what sometimes happens when the baby starts to come out of the womb and down the birth canal, medical people call it transition,to ‘hypnos' its just different sensations.

I also felt colder I wanted fresh air but it was too cold outside I was feeling very tired and wanted to be in the quiet, the surges were much quicker and there was no time to talk, I just needed to concentrate on my different breathing techniques I wasn't in pain I could just feel the surges going over my whole body if I caught it when the wave started I could just breathe with it then that one is over and you are one closer to meeting your baby. I felt my baby's head pushing down wards now between my legs when I walked it was a bizarre sensation.

I kept drinking tea chamomile and water eating apricots and weetabix.

The midwife examined me again to check my waters and saw that one of the bags had trickled away and one was still in tact she suggested that she popped it whilst I was weighing it up it popped on its own, a little pop 😉 I think this started the surges coming quicker and also they felt more intense though completely manageable.

During the next few hours i would walk up stairs, do little wiggles, lay on the bed, my partner filmed some times, well a lot of the happenings that night. He stayed on the computer doing boring computer things the rest of the time , our dog I later discovered chewed half the leg off of my rocking chair.

Towards the end of my labour I felt very tired the midwife got me to feel a little bit of my babys' head with my hand, I felt very emotional I was soo happy though you know that feeling you get when you have had no sleep after a party i felt like that full of beans but sooo flaky but strong!!!

This is when the midwife suggested sweets I got out the fruity polo's I had brought before and we all ate some for a boost of polo power!!!!!!!!!

Second midwife arrives…

I started getting feelings to bear down and I used my special breathing to breath through these sensations that took over my body but only momentary when her head was nearly out I was like what if she gets stuck but I was reassured that would not happen I was on my knees leaning on the bed second midwife was nice and rubbed my thighs which felt really comforting, I made different sounds though not screaming kind of vocalizing my sensations maybe mooing at one point LOL LOL LOL Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!! lion sounds too.

The midwife couldn't find the baby's heartbeat I felt worried but tried not to panic not long to go,…

Auroras head was born everyone was really encouraging me, I was staring into the fire.

Four minutes passed and with the next surge I used all the strength I could muster and bore down,

Aurora cried and out she slithered!!!!!!!!!! The time was 12.28pm lunchtime on Friday 21st September the actual date she was due!!!!!!!!

I WAS IN SHOCK,SHE WAS A BABY GIRL 7LBs 6oz I was covered in meconiuum and blood and sooooooo happy. I shimmied back over my baby,very shakily my legs were like jelly . My other half cut the umbilical cord, I waited for the placenta to come whilst holding my baby, it flopped out all big and organ like, a little time later, 10 minutes or so, I was bleeding a bit so the lady gave me synotin or synocin injection and it stopped. This helped my uterus bed down from the wound left by the placenta.

To be honest I couldn't believe I was a mum, the first few days I was breastfeeding I cried THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE the midwife didn't show me how to latch my baby on properly and it made my nipples sore but was soon rectified by another midwife and thanks to her I still breastfeed today 😉


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