Baby Gear

Choosing what to get for your baby is one of the most exciting tasks during your pregnancy. It’s also a little overwhelming. But your baby doesn’t really need too much. Choose natural fabrics and products made with all natural ingredients. These are best for your new baby’s highly sensitive skin.

  • 7-10 One-piece body suits (onesies) – or if you’re planning to EC your baby you may prefer having 7-10 baby T-shirts.
  • 3 Baby gowns: if you’re having a winter baby you may want to have more gowns.
  • Several Sleeper suits: You’ll like having baby cozy warm in sweet pajamas! They’re good for baby to wear throughout the day
  • Socks or Booties: 7-10 pairs. You’ll want to keep those little baby feet nice and warm. If you nurse lying down (and it’s a very useful skill to pick up!) you’ll appreciate socks covering those little toenails 😉
  • Hats: You’ll want several hats. Your baby will lose most of his or her body heat through the head. Little stocking caps are good or you could choose pilot caps – they look so sweet and classic (and they stay on well – my favorite kind of baby hat!)
  • Diapers:
    • 2-3 dozen Cloth Diapers
    • 4 Diaper Covers if you’re using prefolds or fitted diapers. (No covers if you’re using an all-in-one or pocket diapers.
  • If you’re planning to EC, you’ll probably want a few prefolds to keep under your baby. Plan 1-2 dozen. You may also want a cover or two, or a few pocket diapers.
  • If you’re using disposables, have a couple of packages of newborn size diapers and a few of size 1 diapers. You can choose eco-friendly disposables such as Tushies or Seventh Generation.
  • Even if you are going to be using cloth diapers, you may want to have a package of disposable newborn diapers to use until your baby has passed all the meconium.
  • 1-2 dozen cloth wipes, or several packages of disposable wipes.
  • Have a few small containers with rounded edges if you’re planning to EC – small mixing bowls or medium food storage containers work well.
  • Get more information on the Baby Diapers pages!
  • A Sling: Definitely have a basic sling, either padded or unpadded.
  • Other Style Carriers: You may want to have other baby carrier styles that you like. You can learn more about baby carrier styles on the baby carrier pages.
  • A Nursing Pillow
  • A Hooded Towel (or 2 or 3…): These are nice and cozy to wrap your baby in after a bath.
  • Cotton Balls and Washcloths: Baby washcloths and cotton balls are nice for cleaning the corners of eyes. Use baby washcloths or regular ones for baby’s body.
  • Baby Wash Choose an all natural soap for your baby. It’s ok if you clean your baby with warm water at first, but you may want a natural soap on hand.
  • Blankets: Have 5-7 receiving blankets and a few thicker, bigger blankets.
  • Burp Cloths: Have a dozen burp cloths or extra cloth diapers. These have multiple uses for quick clean-ups and you’ll be glad you have them around.
  • A Car Seat: You can choose from an infant seat or a convertible seat – but be sure that whatever seat you choose is the best on the market. Your child’s life is precious. Choose a 5-point harness (not a 3-point) to keep your little one safest. I personally recommend Britax convertible car seats. If you want an infant seat look into Graco’s 5-pt harness infant seats. It only takes one accident to steal your baby away. Please use the best car seat you can, and always strap your baby in.
  • You may want other baby equipment as well. Your baby will be safe for a long time on a cozy blanket on the floor, but you may wish to have a safe place to put your child down. Some parents like to have a portable play yard or bouncy seat to keep their sleeping infant nearby.

Beyond the Layette

What about baby clothes outside the basic layette? You’ll get quite a few outfits as gifts, no doubt.

But when you need to buy, shop carefully. Look for clothing that is designed for comfort and breath-ability.

If you want name-brand, check second-hand stores and consignment shops. You’ll get name-brand clothes at great prices – and they’re basically brand new! You can also find big baby clothes lots on sites like Ebay, which can be a real bargain – and clothe your baby for a few months.

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