Choosing the Best Baby Carriers for Your Family

Using the best baby carriers means your hands are free and your baby is happy and secure. These carriers are one of the most brilliant things ever invented.

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They’re a perfect solution for the modern mama and baby.

  • If there were a way to keep your baby calm and happy while you work around the house, would you want to know what it is?
  • If there were a way to keep your baby safe and secure while you walk with your older child, would you want to know what it is?
  • If there were a way to keep your baby protected and cozy while your were shopping in a busy store, would you want to know what it is?

Baby carriers are miracle workers for busy families 😉 There are many benefits to babywearing, some of which I hinted at above. Carried babies tend to be more content, and leave your hands free to get work done. Babywearing is also good for your little one’s physical development (as long as you’re using a carrier that supports him/her correctly).

As your newborn grows into a busy crawler, the carrier gives the two of you time to connect. It’s also a safe way for your child to observe the world around him or her while you’re out and about. Favorite activities like walking, hiking, window shopping, and more are easy to enjoy with your baby on your back!

Click here for more information on the benefits of babywearing.

Types of Baby Carriers

The range of baby carrier options is astounding! Click on each carrier to read about it. If I’ve tried the carrier, you’ll see a review and pictures!

Here’s my personal favorite baby carrier – the ERGO Baby Carrier (and just why I love it so much and use it for hours every day!)

A baby wrap is straightforward and simple. Wraps are simply a large piece of fabric. They’re very versatile and ideal for a mom who wants many different options. Also read my SleepyWrap reviewit’s my favorite carrier for newborns.

A soft, structured baby carrier is a popular option for parents today. They’re stylish and easy to use, with straps that resemble a backpack and hold baby close to your body (the Ergo and Becco carriers are examples of this style).

Baby Slings are a traditional, easy to use baby carrier. This article covers different types of slings and gives extensive how-to’s on using them.

An on-the-go, in-the-diaper-bag solution for your little one is a pouch sling. These are simple cloth pouches, very easy to store and go!

Podaegi and Torso Carriers are traditional, natural baby care equipment in several cultures. These traditional carriers are much like wraps. They have two long ties on either end which make them very versatile and easy to secure.

Pack Style Carriers like the mei tai carrier are another flexible option with wide ties. These carriers are increasingly popular and have beautiful fabric options.

In cold weather wearing your baby can be a great way to keep baby and yourself warm. Read winter babywearing to find out more! This has been the best investment I’ve made (besides the baby carrier itself, of course.)

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