BBL:012 Should You Use a Baby Schedule?

birthbabylife200x200Baby scheduling is one controversial topic. I hesitated about tackling it, but since it's something I've been researching for my own family I decided to share some of what I've found and learned with you. Should you consider a baby schedule? This episode will give you a solid basis to evaluate scheduling babies for your own family.

This month is also Cesarean Awareness Month, so I talk a little about cesarean resources.

In this episode I cover:

  • Cesarean Awareness Month
  • Some of our own resources to help you with c-section issues
  • Why you should consider scheduling
  • How scheduling helps you get more sleep*
  • Why my 11 year scheduling journey can help you
  • An overview of different baby routine methods
  • How rhythm and routine nourish your baby
  • How you can make a baby routine work for your family

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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It's been interesting to explore scheduling naps with Corwin, which has been the inspiration for the podcast. I find that scheduling naps and having baby get enough sleep is helpful for everyone in the family. My family doesn't personally schedule feedings, though I find my babies do tend to breast feed at regular times.

I think feedings can be responsibly scheduled if the parents pay close attention to how baby is doing and Mama's milk supply – setting up a 3 hour breast feeding schedule does not make you a bad parent and if that works for your family, do it! If breastfeeding on demand is what works for your family, then do that!

*Please note that I do not recommend “cry it out” or “CIO” methods. I have been able to help my babies have a regular nap time rhythm and a regular bedtime without “cry it out” techniques.

Articles About Baby Routines and Gentle Scheduling

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