Brennan’s Elimination Communication Charts

I kept charts for a few days when Brennan was a newborn so I could track when he pee'd and pooped in relation to when he nursed. I found it helpful in the first few days of starting to EC him to get an idea of his patterns. I didn't use a chart with Galen.

I think keeping a chart is helpful if it helps you – but if it stresses you out to “look at the numbers” just follow your baby's cues and your intuition.

This chart template came from the excellent book Infant Potty Training; it also includes helpful tips on getting started with elimination communication and using a chart.

6/28/05 – Brennan
Feeding Time Event Notes
Pee Poop
3:55 4:23,4:30 4:30 caught poop!
4:35 4:45 4:45
6/29/05 – Brennan
Feeding Time Event Notes
Pee Poop
7:35am 8:05am
8:00am 8:05am, 8:37am caught! some fussing to cue
8:47am 8:55am
9:55am missed a pee – pee'd while nuring??
12:30pm down for nap, missed pee and poop
3:50pm 4:00pm 4:00pm just woke from nap, pooped in several “spurts” – wanting to nurse just after pottying
5:15pm 5:30pm missed pee, pooped in spurts again w/ gas
6/30/05 – Brennan
Feeding Time Event Notes
Pee Poop
7:35am 7:55am, 8:30am 8:00am
8:31am 9:10am, 10:15am pee while sleeping, fussing just before next pee
10:15am 12:05pm nursed to sleep, caught pee upon waking!
12:30pm nursed to sleep, missed a pee or two
3:30pm 3:38pm 3:38pm several spurts and fussing when needing to go
3:45pm 4:20pm
5:00pm 5:30pm, 6:15pm, 6:45pm fussing before each pee, all caught!
7/1/05 – Brennan
Feeding Time Event Notes
Pee Poop
7:00am missed pee and poop – went upon waking??
8:10am 8:25am nursed to sleep
8:30am 8:45am fussing, let out a few drops – caught!

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