Elimination Communication Journals for Our Babies

I’ve kept records and/or journals as we’ve used elimination communication with our last five babies.

My journey into diaper free came with stumbling across a book on the topic at our local library. I tried it with my then-six-month-old, Cassidy, and it worked very well. I made mistakes and got intimidated with my second baby a year later, and didn’t EC him.

With my third, I was determined to EC because I’d liked it so much better. We haven’t looked back since then, and have gone part-time diaper free with all our babies since then.

You can take a look at all our adventures, starting with our newest baby:

Sadie’s Updates (newborn to present)

Sadie is baby #7 and we’re on an EC adventure with her now!

Corwin’s Updates (newborn to 12 months)

Our earliest EC grad, Corwin (baby #6), finished up both day and night at 16 months!

Honor’s Updates (newborn to 21 months)

Check out the posts I made about elimination communication with Honor, our 5th baby

Galen’s Updates (newborn to 32 months)

Here are the posts I made on EC adventures with Galen, our 4th baby:

Brennan’s Journal and Charts

Read about my experience using elimination communication with our 3rd baby in Brennan’s EC Journal and see his EC Charts.

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