Building Your VBAC Dream Team

Your support team is a big part of a successful VBAC, and today's episode covers how to assemble a dream team to support you through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We also discuss keeping yourself healthy, strong, and ready for a great birth!

Topics I Cover in This Podcast:

  • Why your support team is crucial during your VBAC
  • How to get your partner on board with your VBAC plans
  • Getting both of you ready for your birthing day
  • Why you should consider the VBAC secret weapon (hint: she's backed by research!)
  • Keeping yourself super-healthy during (and why that matters so much)
  • What to eat for a strong uterus
  • How to choose the right kind of exercise to prep for a VBAC

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Things Mentioned on This Week's Podcast

  • MamaBaby Birthing – my online natural childbirth course. It includes a VBAC lesson and weekly personal support from me!
  • Why Choose a VBAC – the first podcast in this series; it discusses why to consider a VBAC and how to choose a care provider
  • Boundaries This is the boundaries book I mention during the podcast!
  • ICAN – this organization supports moms after a VBAC and can help you process feelings and find support after a cesarean, as well as support you while you plan your VBAC
  • La Leche League – a local group may help you find moms who can recommend VBAC-friendly care providers in your area

(NOTE: Want a Perfect Birth Plan Template? Use this template and step-by-step videos to write a birth plan that gets your birth team on your side for a beautiful birth experience! Get the kit here.)

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Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast
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Kristen is childbirth educator, student midwife, and a mama to 8 - all born naturally! She has spent years helping mamas have healthy babies, give birth naturally, and enjoy the adventure of motherhood. Find her on her website and helping families through her online childbirth class

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