Can I Have a Natural Birth After Cesarean

by Candice (Eastern Cape)

I would like to know if you can have a natural birth if your first child's birth was a cesarean section. My first child in now 2 years and 4 months of age and this will be my second child.


Hi Candice,

It is possible to have a natural birth after a cesarean section. This is often called a “VBAC” or “vaginal birth after cesarean.” It's completely possible to have a great birth, and with no drugs or interventions. You can have a birth center birth or even a home birth.

Check out this page on VBAC's for more basic info: VBAC on the Wikipedia.

Many women find that birth stories are very inspiring, and I've gotten several from VBAC moms – go ahead and take a look at them on the birth stories page.

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