Courtney’s Babies

by Courntey, USA

I had my first son December 23, 2003. I went to the hospital as a safety measure (because I lived 35 miles from the hospital) due to some light leaking I had noticed. When I got there (approximately 9:30 pm) I explained that I thought my bag of water might be leaking so the nurse said they would just have a look. The nurse checked and said that I was dialated to 4 centimeters and in what was considered active labor. I remember saying to my mom, “Wow 4 centimeters and I am feeling nothing I should be able to deliver this baby naturally with NO problems.”

I asked if we could drive to my home, pick up some things, get my husband, and then return to the hospital. The doctor on call decided to start pitocin and break my water saying that I could not leave because I was considered to be in active labor. This meant that I would not be allowed to leave the bed or do anything.

Little did I know at the time that all of this was just to rush the birth of a baby so that the doctors could go home for Christmas. I was in labor unable to get out of the bed or move and in terrible amounts of pain. This seemed so unreal because of the way I felt prior to the pitocin and having my water broken.

I finally gave in and asked for the epidural at 7 centimeters. It kicked in and during the actual birth I was unable to feel or do anything properly. After about 1.5 hours (at 3:55 am) of pushing they used a vacuum to get my son out. I had a fourth degree tear and was in immense pain. I could not even sit up without passing out or feeling nauseated.

My son was very pale, his face was bruised, and his head was cone shaped. I felt horrible! It took me 2 months to recover from having him. They even had to re-do my stitches at 2 weeks and I still had them at my 6 week check-up. I was miserable. I knew that if I ever had another baby I would deliver naturally without the help of any medication especially the epidural. And I would make a birth plan instead of letting the doctors push me around.

That leads me to my second birth, almost exactly two years later, on December 13, 2005. On the evening of December 12, 2005, I was feeling some discomfort but decided to go on to bed and get some rest.

Around 2 am I awoke to my son and niece crying so I went to check on them. Both needed drinks and just wanted to be tucked back in so I preceeded to do so. As I leaned over my nieces bed I felt a gush of fluid and decided I better head to the bathroom. I was relieved that I had only lost my mucus plug instead of my water breaking.

I immediately starting having contractions and decided that I would take a bath. I woke my husband up to put the kids back in bed and start timing contractions. He called my mom and she came over to help with the kids. We headed to the hospital at 4 am when I decided that the pain was too intense.

We walked into the hospital at 4:30 am and my son was delivered naturally at 5:06 am. The nurses had quite a scare but the midwife made it in time to put gloves on and catch him. I felt wonderful and walked to my room with my son only an hour after delivery.

My third son was delivered in the same way. I stayed at home, took and bath, and headed to the hospital as soon as I decided that I could not stand the contractions anymore. I went into labor at 4 am and delivered him at 7:32 am on November 26, 2008. I had the same nurses as the second birth so they recognized me and started rushing to get things ready. I delivered in the holding room because he was born 27 minutes after walking in the doors of the hospital. I pushed twice and the doctor caught him. I was at home by 9 pm that very same evening. And again I felt wonderful.

I am pregnant with my fourth and final baby. The baby (the gender will be a surprise like my 2nd and 3rd sons were) due March 21, 2010. I will again be delivering the natural way and doing things the way I want them done. I have had a midwife each time (since the first birth) because they allow the mother to decide what is best for her. I am considering going to the hospital the minute I go into labor this round and trying a water birth.

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