Creating Room in the Pelvis

We’ve done the next section of our Pink Kit video.  It actually took us two nights to get through because we started a bit late (both nights!) and were tired.

It was another very interesting lesson, however.  We went through several techniques for creating more room in the pelvis by manipulating the bones of the pelvis themselves.  I was pretty amazed at how I could actually feel the slight movement.

What Works to Make Room for Baby

Two movements felt best to me so I’ll talk about those.  The first was the Hip Lift.  A partner needs to help you do this one.  Your partner places one hand on the hip blade, and the other under the sit bone on the same side.  Your partner presses straight down on the hip bone and lifts the sit bone up at the same time.

It was really cool to feel just how much room this created when Scott did it slowly (and gently!)  We tried it with me relaxed and with me tensed up – big difference!!!

The Pink Kit recommends this for a baby who is not coming down, and suggests trying it for a few 3-second intervals, then allowing a few contractions to see what happens.  By doing it on the same side as the baby’s head is pressing (your baby comes into your pelvis at a slightly diagonal angle) you create more room for the baby to move through.

Since my sit bones are closer together I could really feel this.  During all of my labors there has been a point where it feels the baby was just not moving down, though I was ready.  Changing position helped one of them and my midwife doing some work helped the other two – but with pain for me!  I would much rather try the Hip Lift if this baby decides to slow down moving!

Made to Open

The PK encourages you and your partner to both try things so you both get a good understanding of it.  So I tried the Hip Lift on Scott.  Hah!  You can really tell that the female pelvis is meant to birth, and that the birth hormones are making the cartilage in my pelvis more flexible, because trying to do the Hip Lift on Scott was really hard!  I had to push down quite firmly on his hip bone for either of us to feel any movement.  It’s a very interesting thing.

The other movement I liked was a breath movement involving the tail bone.  I placed one finger on my tailbone and focused on breathing and expanding the area below my finger.  I could actually feel my tailbone (which is quite short!) moving out – which in labor would create more room for the baby’s head!  Other breathing exercises in this section helped me understand how to bring breath and relaxation all around my pelvic area to help open it up.

The Bony Pelvis – Movement section is another that I’ll revisit several times before the birth.  In addition to the techniques I mentioned there are quite a few more.  With the observation skills you develop and the awareness you bring forth as you work through the Pink Kit these techniques are really powerful because you’re truly able to feel the ones that help you.  I think I’ll benefit from practicing these and going through the various labor positions regularly as well.

Our next section focuses on the soft pelvis – the muscles and tissues involved in the birth.  Again I find myself looking forward to that.  And next week we begin even more of the PK resources… we’re starting to get closer and closer to our baby’s birth day – very exciting!!

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