EC starting at 6 months?

by Tawnya

(Ontario, Canada)

I saw you started to EC an older baby at 6 months… any tips for that? My daughter is almost 7 months, in cloth diapers. I would love to give EC a go. I read a lot of the stuff from your 3rd, but it was from birth you started… Is it any different? I imagine it would be easier from birth..?

Any help you can give would be great…Thanks!! 🙂


Hi Tawnya,

It was different starting from six months than starting from birth.

I started with six months with my first, Cassidy. One tip that works with elimination communication at any age is to go with common times babies (and people) need to use the bathroom – after waking up in the morning and from naps.

This is how I started with Cassidy. I'd just put her on a little potty seat as soon as she woke up from her nap. It only took a time or two before I caught a pee.

I kept her in diapers for the most part, though when it was warm I let her go diaper free.

I offered the potty often, in fact, I took her in the bathroom with me when I went. She had a little potty seat in there and when went I sat her on the toilet.

I'd offer her a toy or bend down and flip through a book with her – she seemed to like that.

I based most potty visits on timing – when she woke, a bit after she ate, etc.

Sometimes babies will give other signs – looking surprised, grabbing at their diaper, etc.

One thing that Cassidy would do was get very still and start to look red-rimmed around her eyes – almost as if she'd been crying. When she started looking like that I knew she needed to have a bowel movement. My Galen does the same thing. I'm not sure if any other babies do it – but it's a cue I picked up!

I also clapped and/or smiled when she pottied. Some moms don't like to do this, but I was comfortable with it and it encouraged her.

Feel free to read my article on elimination communication with an older baby for more tips – timing and routine are great ways to start!

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