The Ergo Baby Carrier – Keep Baby Happy While You Get Things Done

I’ve been wearing babies since my first child, Cassidy, was just days old. I’ve tried a lot of baby carriers and I’ve had a lot I depended on. But after six babies I’ll admit that the Ergo baby carrier is my favorite one.

Corwin riding in the Ergo Baby Carrier with mama

I came across the Ergo because Galen was starting to get heavy in my front wrap carrier. I loved the wrap but needed something I could easily get him from back to front with and nurse him in. My cousin had an Ergo and offered to let me borrow it.

Hooked From the Word Go

I tried it out for about a week and right away, I was hooked. We ordered our own and I haven’t looked back! Galen gets “turtled,” as we’ve taken to calling it (since he looks like a little turtle when he’s on my back), quite regularly.

Galen gets worn a lot more than the other kids did at his age (11 months) because the Ergo just makes it easy and comfortable for me to carry him. I love how I can get him on my back and he’s secure there.

He’s also extremely content – he almost never fusses when he’s in the Ergo. It’s easy to teach my older children, clean house, cook, work outside, take walks, go shopping – anything – and I have Galen snuggled and happy on my back.

The front position also works very well. I kept Galen in the front when we went out for a long time, just so he’d be nice and secure. At this point I tend to let him ride on my back when we’re out since he’s gotten bigger.

I like that he’s still snuggled nice and close to my back and not out facing the world in front of me. It makes me feel more secure and I think it gives him security. He’s certainly content.

Truly Comfortable

Let me tell you about comfort – this baby carrier is comfortable. I can wear it for hours and I don’t get tired. The kids and I spent hours and hours on one of local farms this summer, helping in the garden and exploring the land. Scott even joined us a couple of times for some hard work and long exploration through the acreage. I wore Galen through all of these adventures and my back never felt sore. The carrier remains comfy.

I wear Galen in it around the house day in and day out and we’re both relaxed and happy.

It’s pretty easy to nurse with Galen in the carrier. It’s not as easy to nurse as, well, not having a baby carrier in the way. It’s not as easy to nurse in as a sling is. But it’s pretty easy. It’s easy enough that I feel comfortable nursing Galen in the carrier when we’re out in public – even walking through a store. I like it because I prefer to be a more discreet public nurser and it provides a bit of coverage.

Sharing the Load

Scott with Gale in the Ergo
Scott finds the Ergobaby carrier very useful, too. It helps keep Galen calm and content while he’s having Daddy time 🙂

The Ergo is very adjustable. Scott weighs around 80lbs more than I do and the Ergo adjusts for him pretty easily. He likes wearing Galen on the front. Generally Scott uses a sling with Galen because he needs my help to get the Ergo on and snapped in the back. He says he just doesn’t flex as well as a woman does 😉

I’m able to get the Ergo on and adjusted without help. I can even get Galen on my back directly. That did take practice. At first I’d put him on in the front and just “scoot” him around to the back. But now he can just go right up there!

I got the little purse accessory to go with my Ergo and I’ve really found it useful. It can fasten on the Ergo waist strap and give me hands-free carrying. I like that a lot – it makes shopping with a pack of children much easier 😉

I can’t give a good review on the Ergo with a tiny baby because I didn’t get mine until Galen was already holding his head up well. I didn’t ever need the “newborn” insert and was able to go right to back carries with Galen. I greatly enjoy using a wrap carrier with tiny babies so I’m not sure what my opinion will be with a newborn – I suppose one of these days I’ll find out 😉

For a baby with good head control, though, the ease of the Ergo is hard to beat. It is, no doubt about it, my favorite carrier at this point. It’s quick and simple to use, it holds Galen very securely, and I can easily carry him on my back. I can wear him for a couple of hours and not feel tired. It keeps him happy and it keeps me up and going about my day.

Update 2012: We now have two Ergo carriers so we can carry both Galen and Honor… the second one stays in the van (and has come in handy the couple of times I forgot mine!). I used the Ergo to carry Galen during my pregnancy with Honor (on my back) and now I use to carry Honor everywhere. I still love it… it’s my favorite piece of baby gear, no doubt about it!

Update Late 2013: Still loving the Ergo, and it’s now on its third little one!! Corwin didn’t like being in the wrap carriers, but loves the Ergo! We’re definitely happy with this carry, and it’s held up beautifully for us 🙂

This carrier gets absolute top marks! It’s one baby carrier you’ll be thrilled with – so go ahead and get one (send me your pictures and I’ll post them! I’m that excited about this carrier ;D)

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