Galen’s Birth Gallery

Galen ... right after the birth ... before the midwife got there

Every time I look at these pictures it brings Galen's birth rushing back to me.  In fact, I enjoy happy memories of my births whenever I see beautiful birth photos – and they're inspiring, too!  Mamas share so many lovely photos on Facebook and they tend to disappear down the timeline as quickly as they come in.

These powerful photos really need to be seen by more mamas!

That's why I decided to start gallery pages for birth photos.  The main gallery (listing all of the galleries) can be found here.  Scroll around to see beautiful shots from natural births.  If the birth story has been shared on the site, you'll find a link to it within each gallery.

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Galen's birth tub is ready

We got the birth tub set up early in the day, when I was feeling only light contractions but knew they meant the baby was coming.

Candles from my Blessingway

Table beside the birth tub – Candles are from my blessingway, and the dragon candle is one the kids and I made together.  The necklace is made with beads from all over – sent by ladies in my “due date club” on a parenting forum I post on.  We did a bead exchange 🙂  And a card from a friend who couldn't attend the blessingway.  Galen was born by just the light of these candles!

Galen ... right after the birth ... before the midwife got there

Galen right after he was born.  We don't have any pictures of labor because our midwives missed the birth and we were really busy 😉  But Scott got this camera right after he helped me settle back against the birth tub with Galen.

Our midwife arrived just a few minutes after Galen was born, so we had somebody taking pictures!  I got out of the tub to birth the placenta, but it had just detached when our midwife took this picture.

Gazing at Galen

Another pic from just before we got out of the tub.  Just looking at Galen, amazed!  I really love looking at his lovely pink color 🙂

Little Newborn Galen

Here's sweet new Galen!  Just beautiful and pink, with a little bit of fuzz.  He's about to be weighed…

Weighing Galen

The obligatory weighing pic!  He weighed in at 8lbs, 3oz.  You can tell that it's late and we're getting pretty tired!!

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