Pictures of Birth, Bellies, and Babies

There is something about natural birth and beautiful babies that just takes your breath away.  I cannot count how many times seeing the snapshot of a birthing mother in all her power has brought tears to my eyes.  Nor can I estimate the joy and awe I feel as I look at a precious newborn captured forever by the camera.

The utter relief of that moment when you realize you did it, you birthed your baby – followed by an incredible rush of ecstasy, the magnetism of your baby's body held closely to your own.  How precious it is to taste a little of that – sharing just a glimpse through the lens of a camera.  How amazing to see the reverence of a new mother toward her babe, and the unforgettable wisdom in a newborn's eyes.

Many pictures of birth capture only a glimmer of such an experience. Gloved hands and grimaces – exactly what's delivered by modern, technological birth. This gallery collection is a place to celebrate beautiful natural births in all settings: mothers in their beauty and power, babies in their wisdom. And yes, the work that labor is, the relief that it's done – but most of all the beautiful dance between mother and baby. The celebration of a new family.

Feel free to share your own pictures of your baby's birth, a pregnancy photo shoot, or a gallery of your sweet little one's babyhood. Click here to submit pics and I'll create a gallery for you!

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