Harrison’s Birth Gallery

Here’s what Mara says about Harrison’s birth: (pics below!)

Harrison’s birth was everything I was hoping it would be. I birthed in my home with my husband, my aunt and my 3 dogs by my side as well as a wonderful birth team comprised of my midwife, assistant midwife and doula.

Harrison had us a little worried as he was born at 42 weeks to the day. I wanted to trust that he would come when he was ready but the stress of him being “late” was an unfortunate dark cloud over the last two weeks of my pregnancy. My labor started just 24 hours before the limit my midwife had set.

I had always known that I wanted a peaceful birth with as little intervention as possible, in a place where I felt comfortable. The birth experience I desired would not be possible in the hospital setting, which is why it was really important to me to birth at home. Once my labor started it progressed fairly quickly. I used many of the breathing techniques, visualization, and positions I learned from the MammaBabyBirthing Class during my labor.

I had some contractions that threw me for a loop and times where I was distracted and lost my focus but I was always able to get it back and work with Harrison towards the goal of meeting. Harrison was born 13 and a half hours after my labor started. I will never forget the experience. One of my favorite moments was getting into bed with Harrison and my husband and snuggling together for the first time as a family. I felt so grateful he had come in time. It was such a wonderful moment, basking in the joy of our son being born with the sound of rain coming down outside our cottage.

Getting the birth tub set up

Mara’s midwives set up the birth tub and get it nice and warm for her to labor in.

Mara laboring in the birth pool

Mara labors in the birth tub with support from her attendants.  Notice puppy snoozing keeping watch in the background!

Bringing baby up home water birth

Harrison just after birth (look at his nice color already!) – Mama is looking pretty awestruck over her new baby!  Mara took my online MamaBaby Birthing Classes and I was so thrilled she shared her photos 🙂

Daddy holds Harrison

Daddy’s first time holding Harrison!

Newborn exam

About to get checked for the newborn exam – not too happy to be away from mama!

Weighing Harrison

Time to weigh Harrison!  I love this picture because it catches Harrison’s toes and Mara’s toes 🙂  Below are some pics of the new little guy:

Cuddling with mama

Harrison's birthday

Harrison and Mara

Thinking of nursing

The whole sleepy family

Here’s the whole sleepy family!

Harrison at one day old

Harrison at one day old.

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