Heather’s Babies

By Heather

When I got pregnant with my 1st, the first thing I said is I wanted to have her naturally, whereas the reply I got was, “no you don't”. I listened and was so disappointed in the hospital stay and epidural. My second came along and I was much stronger and able to say I wanted a natural childbirth… due to lack of care on my OB's part I ended up in preterm labor and forced on meds of all kinds. I did have her without pain medicine, but the satisfaction of knowing my child came into the world the way she was made… just herself and just me was snatched away again.

Well I am proud to say that that was enough and I had my third at home with a midwife with NO complications. In fact much less complications and pain and so much more joy. Natural birth isn't scary…. mainstream birth is! We were made to do this… and its so beautiful…. please don't let the world steal that away! My home birth was so beautiful and my 2 other children are so wonderful… but I would have loved that powerful bond with them from the start that a homebirth gave me. I also thought that because I live in an apartment that I couldn't homebirth… my midwife assured me that this IS my home… she was right! And now it's where a human being came into the world!

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