Here? Here? Touch in Labor

Moving along through the Pink Kit Scott and I are looking into “touch” during labor this week. We're also starting the DVD and PK main book Essential Preparations for Your Birthing Body, which I have finished the intro reading within but I'm not sure Scott has :p  We're planning to start the DVD tomorrow night regardless.

Last night we started working through the “touch” section of New Focus – I think we're going to hold off on the rest of that section until we work through the DVD portions explaining the pelvis – but we were able to do the first exercise of the touch section last night.

Now that was an amusing exercise.  We had to pick a spot on our thigh secretly.  We sat back-to-back.  Then we each had to try and find that spot on the other – without them doing anything but shaking their head “yes” or “no”  Hah!  I was laughing so hard trying to find Scott's spot.  I kept saying “here? here? here?” and all I got was a shaking head!  It was close to impossible.

When it was his turn to find the spot on me I found it quite funny as well.  But during both instances it was a bit frustrating, too.  Not knowing where to touch, and not having him be able to find where to touch on me (and not being able to say), was a little frustrating.

The exercise demonstrated what it could be like during labor if you're not prepared, and if your coach doesn't understand how hard it might be for you to tell him (or her) just where and how you need to be touched/massaged/rubbed/etc.  And it's true – there may be times in labor when you're focusing so hard on working with your contractions that you can't talk very well, and you can't focus on your birth partner to tell him where you need touch.

The second part of the Pink Kit exercise had me pick a spot anywhere on me (I picked a spot on my lower back) and give Scott one try to find it.  Of course he didn't lol (in fact my joker of a husband picked the tip of my nose…give me a break!)  After his one chance was up, I got to take his hand and put it on the spot and say “here” and “massage like this” – much, much, much quicker and more effective than him trying to guess!

The Pink Kit recommends that we keep practicing good touch and communicating it effectively.  I can see practical ways to do this – “can you scratch my back here?” (and move his hand to the area).  And I can see benefits to me… “let's practice our Pink Kit skills…massage right here!”  Ah, the joys of childbirth education 😉

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