Jacob’s Birth

by Jennifer, USA

On Monday, October 10th I was due to have my second child. This time a boy, oh what to expect… My daughter Lola (Click here to read Lola’s birth story) was turning two in 12 days and I wanted a successful natural delivery as I had with her.

I prepared by reading her birth story that I remembered like yesterday, hoping it would be the same but quicker. Everyone told me the second child “fell” out so I should be ready. I had had small contractions for about 4 hours. Nothing regular that was increasing though. They were a lot different from hers; I was felling pressure in my pelvic bone and nowhere else. With Lola my entire abdomen felt light lightning. I was hoping it was my cervix preparing.

I had been doing everything I did with her to jump start things… acupuncture, sex, walking, relaxing, and still he wasn’t coming. I was starting to lose my faith when my same doula that helped with Lola reminded me how important it was to let my body open, prepare, and let it do what it knows how to do.

The next day I had contractions for about 12 hours. They were not that intense and I knew how to gage when I was getting close. My husband worked from home, my daughter was in Pre School and I waited…

The next day we got out of the house and ran around. I stopped in to the doctor’s office for a quick blood pressure check, which I was always low. My last visit a week prior I was dilated at a 2. On Thursday I was hoping something would happen. I had a doctor’s appointment the next day to talk about inducing and I really wanted to do it on my own.

I was taking a nap when the contractions started again. I thought they were nothing as they had been so I got into the shower as my husband and I were going out to lunch. They started increasing and I was having to work through them. I still was having only pain in my pelvis and had no idea if this was it. I called the hospital and spoke to a mid wife. Having to work through each one he asked me what they felt like. I said like my pelvis was splitting in two. He told me to come in.

My husband and I joked as we made a sandwich. I called my doula and she was going to me us up there. Traffic was heavy and my contractions were severe and now 2 minutes apart. My husband was worried we wouldn’t make it and I was worried we would get there and they would tell me I was at 1 cm or something. We checked in at 4pm and I measured 6cm. I was so happy and ready to meet my baby boy! They admitted me right a way.

I walked the room and asked for a remote monitor. I told my nurse I was going to walk the halls to keep it going, I was ready and didn’t want my labor to stall. The contractions were getting pretty strong and I had to work through them by leaning on the wall, and deep breathing. I decided to get into the tub as it was very soothing with Lola. I stayed in the shower for 30 min and needed to stand. As I worked holding my husband I thought I was peeing and there it was my water broke.

At 5:30pm they checked me and I was at 9. It was happening and fast. My husband and doula were warning the doctors that my daughter came really fast after I told them she was coming. I went to leave from the bathroom and knew he was making his appearance. My husband carried me to the bed and I said it was time. Oh transition how I will never forget the shaking, trembling, but no throwing up though this time!!! The doctors came in and said I could push.

I did one hard push and everyone stood there and stared at me. I remember yelling can you see him what is going on??? They really don’t coach a seasoned natural birther. Everyone yelled YES he is almost out. Second push and my husband helped the doctors deliver. I grabbed him out of me and brought him to my chest. 6:39pm. Yes only 2 and half hours after I arrived. Good thing we left when we did.

He was perfect and there was not one tear. I give that to perneal massage. But I also know when you let your body do what it is meant to do you will be rewarded with natural beauty. My precious baby boy Jacob was born on a Thursday just like his mom, dad, and sister at 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches. I guess he had a plan.

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