Jamin’s Birth

Jordan, Canada

Here is our birth story.

I was very determined to have a natural birth, I didn’t want any drugs as I wanted to breast feed. Unfortunately I found out I had GBS and would need to be on antibiotics as soon as my water broke… I was heart broken but decided to not let it affect me. I kept in mind the verse Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

We had had a busy 2 weeks, trying to get the house ready, (couldn’t before due to lack of finances). I was pushing myself, often working all day and evening with no breaks and I kept telling myself, on Sunday I could take a break and relax……so Saturday evening I snuggled into bed, dreaming about the wonderful day off I was about to have, where I could relax and catch up on some sleep. Unfortunately I kept waking up due to having to go pee a lot, in fact, I was pretty wet. I figured it was from the suppositories my natural doctor was having me take (to replace healthy bacteria in the vaginal canal)…but boy was I leaking a lot that night. Then at 7 am I had a bloody show so I phoned my mother in law to ask her about it. She said baby could come in the next few days so I was relieved. She wanted me to phone the hospital though to make sure they didn’t want to check to see if my water had broke since I wasn’t sure….well it had, which meant I had to stay at the hospital and my bag wasn’t even packed yet!

Since my water had broke already they wanted to start me on antibiotics right away so I had to drag an IV around the hospital for a while, then they induced me since baby couldn’t be exposed for too long and my contractions were so small that I didn’t really even clue in that they were contractions until they induced me and they got worse. To keep me upbeat I had my Christian hip hop playing while bouncing on the birthing ball. They had great lyrics like “stand soldier stand, I know you’re feeling fatigued” which kept me happy and energized. Then when my active labour started I kicked the “moms” out and just had my husband and my good friend there. My husband and I had gone through the pink kit and boy did that help! My husband was an EXCELLENT coach! in fact, he was doing his job so well that he didn’t think that I needed him that much and started getting into conversations with the nurse, asking her questions about the birth, etc until I had to say “help!” Then he understood that I was only making it look easy because of the job he was doing. My friend was great too! In fact the nurses all asked if she was a doula and she has never taken any training before. She would rub my feet and legs, could read me like a book and have things ready as if on cue. They made a great team!

At one point, when the nurses switched out and then in again, the one nurse realized that the other nurse had left the inducing machine on even though my body had already taken over so I was having contraction upon contraction with no break in between which is hard not only on me but the uterus as well. They couldn’t believe that I was ok and not needing any drugs. I just kept reciting the verse ” I can do all things through Him who gives me strength” Phillipians 4:13 When I was pushing and just felt like I couldn’t push any more (I was very dizzy and out of breath), during the rest period before the next push I sang a song to Jesus and then could push more. His hand was stuck beside his face so they had to cut me but he came out healthy and strong with a 9/9 rating. 🙂

It was a great feeling as all of my family on both sides and friends were saying how I should take drugs, be open to it, etc, etc… By just sticking to my guns and trusting in my Saviour and using the skills we aquired through this site it was a very pleasent, joyful experience. I actually tell people I had fun 🙂 The hard part was AFTER…which no one ever talks about….hemroids…yuck!

J! from Canada

son Jamin Jace born 7lbs and 2.3

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