Jeska’s Birth

by Megan, USA

I was 41 when I got pregnant, 42 when my first born was born May 25, 2012.

The day I did the first home pregnancy test, I sat on the throne and looked at test. I heard the Lord tell me, “I’m going to teach you something about childbirth for your future ministry. ” I thought “OK I wonder what will happen? In hospital how will I learn anything? They control. Can I find a midwife who will home birth at 42? Will I get my way?”

When my hubby found out I was looking for midwives he asked, “Why do we need anyone to help with birth?” I said, “I don’t think we can legally do that without having baby taken…” so I kept looking at midwives. Nurse midwives gave out list of drugs I could take. No herbs. Not even ginger was listed. Take dramimen it said. A’holistic’ midwife gave same list. She asked me what I took for herbs. I now doubt she had any idea what to use.

So I talked to one certified midwife on phone ( the ‘holistic’ one). I made it VERY clear there would be under no terms anything or anyone ever touching my private parts but my hubby. She agreed on phone. We went to see her. She talked down to a 41 year and 51 year old like we were 5 and ordered an ultrasound because SHE didn’t believe that I knew the exact date of our conception. Was very easy for me to know that date because of the way we are as a couple.

Neither one of us realized(sadly), that we were again being manipulated by medical science (because this was supposed to be a holistic midwife). I went for test. I have never felt so violated in my life. Felt like I was raped the moment I saw my whole vagina on screen. Something only my husband should ever have ANY kind of contact with. I hurt for 24 hours after that, like I had been punched in stomach. Baby tried to hide – those are the words of the tech who did the ultrasound.

My hubby was mad that I was in such pain.

I talked with the midwife on phone about week later. She told me what she WAS going to do. How she would be touching areas I had already said she was not to touch. I then felt raped just by her thoughts. I canceled next appointment saying I would get ahold of her after New Year. I felt dirty for weeks.

Finally I told my hubby how I was feeling, and near tears. He again said, “Why do we need anyone to help?” I said again, ” I don’t think it’s legal not to. What if they take our baby away from us? He said, ” I don’t think it’s illegal. The next day after 3 google tries I found Laura Shanleys site and thru her and many others. The midwife was fired! We just never called her back or answered her MANY calls and mailings bugging us. We wonder why she was so thick as to not get that she was fired for 3 months. I told a couple friend how I felt about tests and the midwife. Got told it was ridiculous. Made me mad. In my research I found others who have gone through what I did over what Dr. did to them against their will.

Then I realizing what God had planned. So I started researching birth. I read all of over next months. Joined 2 blogs for support and read parts of Ina May’s book that everyone said to read. Got a little info out of that book. I wouldn’t read what she said about testing after scanning some of it. Most of the good info was just the same as Glad the library had the book so I didn’t waste money.

At 36 weeks I started having a lot of false labor. At 37 weeks she moved down. AAAAH!!! I could breath again! So I walked more over next to 2 weeks. On day 39 weeks things just felt different. So I went shopping to get things set so we didn’t have to run and get things after.

The next morning I awoke to my cat who would not leave my side. Then I felt the contractions and knew why. They got stronger through the day. I cooked up some grain salad to eat the next few days and some cookies. Something I don’t eat much of but sounded good. Told my husband when he got home we might have the real deal here going on. Feels different then last 3 weeks.

By 9pm when he went to bed I told him, if we had plan to go to hospital we would be on the way as they are 10 minutes apart. They slowed for 2 hrs. 11 to 1 about 30 minutes apart. So I tried to sleep for hour. Then they picked up at 3:30AM. I woke my husband and told him I could use his support as they were 3 to 6 minutes apart and hurting my lower back. I gave him the job of timing to keep him awake. LOL They got a little closer together over next few hours. At 6:00AM they slowed with the sunrise to 30 minutes. So my body got the break I read sometimes happens before the big punch. Medical science calls it stall. Nope, it was a break.

About 3pm in afternoon I was really wanting it done because the back pain got worse, but contractions were still 30 minutes apart. I had been outside trying different view hoping to getting things going. I came inside and told my hubby that I had been praying for hours that water would brake and baby would just come out. I left the living room and lay on bed between contractions. Tried one on my side to see what my friend who birthed in hospital went thru. That lasted no more the 10 seconds. I was on my knees in 1 seconded and decided any Dr. or midwife who made a women stay on her side or back should be PUNCHED and hard!!! Because that punch wouldn’t even come close to the pain that gave!

My hubby was praying in other room. I had two 10 minutes apart. They were all 30 sec to 1 min long up to this point, but now they were 2 minutes long and 30 seco apart for about half an hour. I could feel baby moving down. Then I felt water and asked my hubby about what he saw. He said yup – it fits what he’d read about that morning, what water breaking would look.

That was about 3 contractions. Then I felt the fire. I asked hubby “is she crowning?” We didn’t know for sure what we were having. I knew from prophetic dreams that it was a girl. He said not yet. I said “oh gosh, it’s going to get worse.” I wasn’t panicking, just talking myself into what was to come. Being aware so I was ready. Next one she crowned and her head came through. I felt my parts go around neck. Asked my hubby “that was the head right?” and he said yes. I said THANK GOD! As I said that the next started and out she came. I laid my head on bed and just breathed as I heard her cry right away behind me. That was wehre daddy could catch her since I was on my knees leaning on the side of the bed.

My friend through the last part was corn bags my hubby heated in microwave for my back! Just something that I thought would help and it did. That was all I did for pain the whole time. I had arnica but didn’t use that until afterward for the healing process.

The placenta took 50 minutes to come out. At 30 min I told my hubby to make me a plastic path to toilet. I’d read if you have problem with gross stuff go to toilet, as that is a gross place. Knew I would need to do that in first place. Hubby was getting my placenta out when I felt it fall in toilet. I think I was bleeding too much as I got dizzy, so I used the vinegar and cayenne pepper tincture from I’d made it about 3 weeks before. Worked great, flow went to half. I then took a bunch, and I mean a bunch of prenatal vitamins. Drank juice and ate raisins. When we got done cleaning up me and the baby I ate grain salad. If I have the chance to give birth again, I would add Liquid Chlorophyll to list of things to get. Was still paste-y looking after 2 weeks, so I got some and the paste-y look was gone in 12 hrs. Ate a lot of stuff to rebuild just didn’t do it like that stuff.

We now have a beautiful little girl. Jeska Grace Saxbury 6.12lbs 18 1/2in 4:14pm May 25, 20012. We went for the birth certificate and since a distant relative works down at town hall, we walked in and he said “you’re here for a birth certificate” and got paper work no problem. Not first here in this town. He said it had been about 10 years and they had to get the comp up to speed for it so it will take it back this week. Town clerk is new to so she had to call the one from before to get some info. Understandable. Not something they get everyday. Just glad it is smooth so far.

I’m very happy with our birth experience. It was truly beautiful!

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