Kate’s Doula Experience

by Kate, USA

I gave birth at home with my midwife, her three assistants, my doula, and my husband. While I had worked with my midwife before (she delivered my niece and nephew and I was able to assist), I knew my doula, Diane, would be extremely helpful.

She was (and still is) my massage therapist throughout my pregnancy and knows my husband and I very well. She works in his chiropractic office. I would see her once or twice a month and we became very close.

It was also important to us to have her there because my mother-in-law passed away 2 1/2 months before I delivered. She was very close to Diane and I knew having Diane at my birth would almost be like having my mother-in-law there.

Diane didn’t leave my side once during my 9 hour labor. She was able to show my husband how to cope with watching my pain and coached me through all my contractions. Her presence allowed my midwife to get the rest she needed (I labored 1 am-10 am).

When it was time to actually deliver my baby, my midwife taught me how to push (it only took a couple of contractions to learn and without drugs you can feel the baby moving through the canal) and Diane stayed by my side and helped me when my physical strength gave out.

I feel closer to Diane than ever and she will always be a part of my son’s life. While some would argue that I really didn’t need her there because of my midwife and her assistants, my husband and I couldn’t have done it without her emotional and physical support.

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