Kendall’s Baby

by Kendall, USA

I have had 3 previous c-sections and when I became pregnant this time, I knew how much I wanted a natural birth.

After my other births, I felt LESS of a woman not being able to birth!! BIRTH is an EXPERIENCE MEANT FOR WOMEN!!

I have done hours and hours of research, and are familiar with risks and scare tactics. I knew I could do it, and after much faith and prayer, I was determined not to backdown.

I had start stop labor for two days, I actually drove to the hospital one night and didn’t check in, I just walked around the hospital. See I wanted to wait as long as possible before checking in,I felt that would give me the best outcome for a natural delivery. A vbac after 3 sections is almost unheard of! After being at the hospital for three hours I left, my contractions started slowing down. I was so disappointed.

At 2 in the morning on Sunday contactions started again. They were 3 minutes apart and by 1 in the afternoon they were 2 min. apart. I couldn’t talk though them and haven’t been for awhile. My water kept leaking with each contraction, and by 9 p.m a small gush with my contraction. The pain went up considerably and I knew I better get to the hospital. Only it took me forever to get ready to leave because the contractions were coming so hard.

I made it to the hospital at midnight now it’s Monday. They checked me I was 6 cm dialated. I was sooooo happy!!! I have never been this far dialated before!!! Two hours later they checked me again and said I was 8 cm dialted!!! I couldn’t contain my excitement, I wanted to call friends and tell them but was quickly reminded it was 2 in the morning!

With each contraction I would be sitting up with my knees to my chest and my chin would touch my chest as well. I didn’t want to hear a peep out of anyone. I had to focus through the pain, silently. Nurses who weren’t even mine were coming in to see me, the word had spread, I was a vbac after 3 sections, I was laboring naturally at 8cm and I was Quiet!!! I was surprised, but I had gained their respect and their support!!! They were rooting for me and bragging on me!!

From there I had trouble dialating the full ten, it seemed I always had a lip left to dialate! I was in pure agony since 5 in the morning. My doctor showed up at 8, yes 8 was the first time I saw her, her car broke down! She checked me and said the baby was stuck on my pubic bone and the contractions started to slow down a bit. So I stood up and the contractions came back with a vengence, one on top of the other!

At this point I would whine! I felt like I was going to just pass out from exhaustion.

At 10:30 I was checked again, still 9 cm and baby still stuck! At that point I caved, I asked for the epidural, which was given, but it didn’t take on my left side! Some releif that was, as soon as the anesthesiologist left the room, my doctor came in and said get on my back and push!! I did not want to be on my back, but she said that would help him get unstuck!

Once I did it wasn’t long before he was in the birth canal. She was holding back the lip I hadn’t dialated yet. I pushed him after 15 min of pushing at 11:55 p.m! I said 11:55? I thought it was still 8 in the morning, I had lost all track of time at that point!!!

Right after he was out I had this burst of energy and excitement!!! He was beautiful! 8lbs even! I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!!! I had a VAGINAL BIRTH!!! I WASN’T BROKEN!!!! MY BODY WAS MADE TO BIRTH AND THAT IS WHAT IT JUST DID!!!

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