Kirsten’s Baby

by Kirsten, UK

I am a doctor (anaesthesiologist) so you may be surprised to read that I wanted a home birth from the very beginning. I’d read too many stories of women who had ‘arrested labour’ the minute they went into hospital and ended up having a C section.

I was a bit scared that would happen to me because I hate being out of my comfort zone and I hate hospitals. I have done C sections and epidurals and I know too much about what can go wrong…..let’s just stay I wanted to minimise the opportunity for intervention.

My husband was against it but I stuck to my guns and planned my home birth. As it was I think that I got much better antenatal care from the home birth midwife practice than from the hospital midwives, and 2 midwives that I HAD actually met before showed up to do the delivery.

I was already fully dilated by the time the midwives came, and starting to feel the urge to bear down, after having laboured for about 16 hours by myself through the night. I had a little gas and air to help me through stage 2 but otherwise no pain relief.

Our baby was born very easily in our bedroom in the position that I felt comfy in. Unfortunately he came out with his hand on his head and tore me with his elbow so I was taken to hospital to be stitched up after (came straight home again). But I am still grateful that I got to labour in the familiar surroundings of my own home and have my baby very naturally with only my husband and my mum there (and the two midwives). I’ll do it again.

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