Kristy’s Baby

I had a very long, “traumatic” birth center birth with my first baby. Not at all what I planned or expected.

I was much looking forward to my next baby to have the birth I’d always dreamed of. Unfortunately I miscarried my baby girl.

Luckily with my next pregnancy my midwives understood how much I needed this birth to go well to help in the healing process of everything I’d been through in the last 4 years. I did everything I could to prepare myself mentally & physically for this birth without putting pressure on myself since I know birth can be unpredictable. But I was really looking forward to this birth for all the healing I knew it could offer me.

I was 5 days overdue & so ready to meet my daughter! I’d been using evening primrose oil for weeks & called my hubby to do his husbandly duties several times! I had a reflexology treatment, took a long walk & pumped for 20min.

That night I had “gas pains” that wouldn’t go away. Then I realized the “gas pains” were coming every 10min.(11pm). Contractions!

Kristy's Baby Picture 1I tried to sleep but couldn’t. After an hour I couldn’t stay in bed anymore- I had to move around (this was midnight). I ate a sandwich & just labored at home.

My contractions became very close together very quickly but I was kind of in denial since my first birth had been SO long- I thought my contractions going from 7min. apart to 2min. was just a fluke or something. Finally at 3am I decided to listen to my support people (hubby & my mom)& we called the midwife.

We headed to the birth center just as my doula arrived at the house! At 3:40 we arrived at the birth center. At first I didn’t want the midwife to tell me my dilation- I didn’t want to be disappointed but curiosity got the best of me. I was 8cm!

Kristy's Baby Picture 2I labored on the floor on my knees leaning on the birth ball. At 4:15 I felt an urge to push. I pushed & POP- my water! 30min. later my body told me to stand- I did- with my hands on the bed- baby was coming! A couple of pushes & her head was there.

I had to slow down so I wouldn’t tear. I just started breathing- no more pushing. I reached down & just touched her head until her body slipped into my hands @5:02am then pulled her from between my legs up to my chest.

Words can’t describe! My baby girl was wide eyed. A “perfect” birth in my book & exactly what I needed & had always wanted. Birth is very powerful. Every woman should experience all it has to offer. It helps you heal, gives you confidence & is truly an ecstatic experience.

Kristy's Baby Picture 3

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