Lindsay’s Birth

by Kelly, USA

1/27/06 – This was my first birth – our son was adopted. My first contrax started at 430am. By 6am I was in the bathtub doing a crossword puzzle. I couldn't really concentrate on it, but it seemed to take my mind away from the contrax. I took a shower around 9 and then again at 11. I did all the early work alone, letting ds and dh sleep in. By 8 I had realized that I was in real labor and made dh call in to work. I called my doula around 830 or so and we decided it would probably be several more hours, so she asked me to check in later. Around 10am I tried to cancel my 100pm dr. appt – because I figured it would be extremely uncomfortable to go all the way there and find out I was only 2-3 cm. They insisted I come, but by the time we left (1230) I knew there was no way I was coming back. I was feeling really crummy and had thrown up several times already. I had absolutely no appetite. I made dh grab the bag on the way out – good thing – I was 5 cm upon arrival. Lindsay was born just 3 hours later!

It was so fast and furious – and I was not prepared for that. My doula made it to the birth center about 1.5 – 2 hours before I gave birth. I labored (and barfed) on the bed for a while (maybe 30 minutes), got in the jaquizzi, labored in bed some more, they were going to break the water (and it broke as I changed positions), and then she pushed the last little bit of cervix past her head. According to them, I pushed for only 47 minutes! I was so combative there at the end – swearing, pushing against them with my legs… I feel bad now! They showed me the head (and a mop of hair) a couple of times and were kind enough to make me stop and listen to their instructions. They explained what the head was trying to do, and what I had to do to help it. When I got the hang of pushing, it felt very relieving to do so. Until the burning! When her head came out I didn't believe them. Then she came out with another push. She was born at 432pm. They laid her on my tummy and brought us warm blankets. Her cord was left intact until it stopped pulsing, and they left her on my tummy for 2 hours! She nursed like a champ several times, and then they weighed and measured her. She was 7 pounds, 7 ounces – 20 inches long. 13″ head and chest. I was able to get up and try to pee about 2 hours after birth, but no peeing action occured. At about 8-830pm they suggested I shower, and at that time I peed a ton! I was a little unstable and lightheaded but made it through my shower and then got back into bed. We got home around 6am and got into bed! The ride home was a breeze compared to the ride there – I didn't remember that dh stopped for gas on the way until he brought it up and I finally remembered. I had 3 superficial tears – 6 stitches. I made it through labor with NO pain medications and they didn't even have time to get the antibiotics for GBS in me (she had a problem with my veins and then she gave up and said we'd try again later). After I got home, I took the occasional 600mg of ibuprofren for cramping – but my bleeding had already subsided greatly and my uterus was nice and hard.

Now 4 months later, I can't wait for the next time (if I am lucky enough) because I plan to birth at home in the water.

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