Maryam’s Birth Gallery

Moments after water birth

Beautiful Maryam was born to MamaBaby Birthing students Brynna and Chris!

Strawberry blonde hair
Mommy’s eyes
Daddy’s toes

Praise be to God

Her birth story is coming soon <3

Working hard for baby

Brynna working through a contraction and with her baby!

Calming down after contraction

Breathing and calming down after the intensity of a rush

Newborn water birth

Holding lovely Maryam!

Getting to know Maryam

Getting to know Maryam.  She’s pinking up so nicely!

Moments after water birth

Those first moments are precious!

Family and love!


Happy mama after home birth

Sweet pink baby, very happy mama.  These pictures really capture that lovely joy that comes after a good birth.

Mama and baby

Little Maryam!!


Gazing at their little one!!

Maryam water birth

A nice view of little Maryam again.  You can see she had some slight head molding but not much – molding is usually gone very quickly after birth, even if it’s more pronounced than Maryam’s.

Maryam cord cut

You can see that Maryam is not really happy with having her cord clamped!  Note how sh’e really pinked up at this point and even her fingers and feet are really pink.

Cutting the cord

Cutting her cord

Daddy and Maryam

Daddy snuggles Maryam while Mama gets out of the birth tub.

More loving gazes

Time for more loving gazes at this beautiful baby!  The following pictures are more from mama and baby:

Home birth mom and baby

Beautiful picture of mom and baby

Mama and baby after home birth

Breastfeeding after water birth

Snuggling with Maryam

Beautiful Maryam

Shalom Maryam!

Newborn exam

Weighing Maryam

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Maryam with mom and dad

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