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Ahhhhhh.  What a lovely section of the Pink Kit's Essential Preparations the Massage and Body Care chapter was.  I can deal with any childbirth course that tells my man to give me a massage.   Of course having the instructions in our course materials doesn't mean my fellow will actually give me a massage but… I like the suggestion 😉

Anyways,  the massage chapter refers to the Internal Work.  The internal work has its own separate audio but it is a kind of massage so this chapter references it briefly.

The chapter then moves into other kinds of massage – including everyone favorite ordinary massages like back and foot massage.  It recommends that both you and your partner take turns giving massage.  Massage can help reduce stress and tension during pregnancy, thus encouraging relaxation which is very conducive to baby making and baby having 😉

It also covers the “external massage” partner to the internal work.  The external massage focuses on the tissues and muscles outside the birth canal and around the pelvic area.  As with the internal work, your partner can do this for you or you can do it yourself.  I've found this a little easier to do myself and so that's how I've been going about it.  It's basically a gentle and organized massage to all the tissues the baby may stretch (again this is similar to the perineal massage some care providers recommend).  You also work the muscles around your tailbone and sit bones.  All around the thighs gets massaged too (these thigh muscles can get sore during pregnancy and I like this part of the massage.)

This chapter also has sections explaining how hormones change your pregnant and birthing body.  You'll learn that your body is constantly sending chemical messengers that help your pelvic muscles, tissues, and ligaments get more and more ready for birth (and you'll also learn why you may have some soreness there).

Final portions of this PK section deal with getting the rest you need (take this part seriously!!) and body care during pregnancy.

The most helpful portion of this section for me is the part talking about external massage.  I think it helps me because after massaging those muscles I become more aware of them – and thus I am able to relax those muscles more effectively.  Relaxed muscles in the pelvis and thighs make it easier for baby to come out.  And I know I want my baby to have a nice, easy birth experience…and of course I want to have a nice, easy birthing :p

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