Michelle’s Baby

by Michelle, USA

We had been trying to conceive our first child for about 6 months and we started to get frustrated thinking that it would never happen for us. One night I felt like I was starting to get the stomach flu, with a lot of nausea and just not feeling good, so the next day my husband suggested that I take a pregnancy test to see if we were pregnant. We took it, and sure enough he was right – it was positive!

We had a doctors appointment and found out our due date was October 31st, 2007. We were so excited that we were finally having a baby together!

Soon afterwards the happiness went away; we were told that we were suffering from Hyperememis where I couldn't even keep water down. I was in and out of the hospital for the next 3 1/2 weeks until they got it under control. Everything started to level out, finally, and we were so excited when at 19 weeks they told us we were having a little girl!

Around 33 weeks troubles started arising again for us – we were in and out of the hospital with preterm labor from 33 weeks to 37 weeks. At 33 weeks we were found to be 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Things once again started to settle down until one night, around 1 am contractions started to pick up again and were about 5 minutes apart at that time, around 3 am they were about 2 minutes apart and I told my husband it was time to get to the hospital because I believed this time I was in labor.

We got to the hospital at around 4 am, and were found to be 5 cm dialated – and told we were officially in labor. We would be meeting our little girl very soon, but we expected a long labor with it being our 1st child. At around 6 am we started to walk the halls of the hospital to try to get the labor moving a little bit more, and around 8 am the contractions really started to get bad.

My midwife came in around 9:30 am to check in on me and see where things were approximately, so she checked me and I was still 5 cm. She found out that my daughter's head had resealed my water so she went ahead and broke it around 10 am. I instantly got sick from it, 2 times over!

Around 10:15 am I requested to get into the tub as the contractions were back to back at this point and I couldn't handle them laying in the bed. We got into the tub around 10:30, then around 11:15 I told the nurse I had the urge to push. She said she would go get my midwife as I had requested something for the pain, so my midwife came in and said she would need to check me first before she could give me anything for pain. She checked me and told me I was totally dilated, and it was time to push, and there was no time to get pain medication!

At around 11:30 am we started to push, things got complicated as every time I pushed her head kept moving up and not down like it should finally after about an hour of really painful pushing we started to make progress, and our beautiful baby girl was finally born at 12:52 pm on October 25, 2007 weighing in at 7 lbs 6.5 oz and 21 1/2 inches long! We were so thankful she was finally here!!

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