Miles’ Birth

It started…finally at around 2:00am on March 10. I was 41 weeks and actually was supposed to have my routine 41 week OB check and non stress test at 1:20 that afternoon. I thought that I was having contractions due to my sinus drainage and coughing all the time. Around 2:00 I realized that I hadn’t been coughing and I was still in alot of pain. So around 2:30 I woke up my hubby to decide what we really wanted to do with our toddler, Audrey (since my brother in law Brad was in town we decided to just take her to my in laws so that she didn’t need to be moved around). I then told him that I was going to call the doc. and Sarah (my birthing support person) to see what they say. Since my water hadn’t broken and I wasn’t for sure that I was actually in labor. I called my mom to tell her that I was going to be heading to the hospital shortly and that I would call when we got closer.

The Dr. told me to go ahead and come in to see what was going on. So I got my hubby out of bed…again, and told him to get Audrey in the truck it was time to go. I only apologized once to them for getting them up at 2:30 in the morning just in case this wasn’t real labor. Sarah timed my contractions on the way and they were consistently 3 min apart and over a min long. So we decided that we could take care of Audrey after getting me to the hospital. Mom (met us there) and Sarah wheeled me in and my husband waited for his dad to get there to pick up Audrey and Katy (the dog). When we got to the room, around 3:30am, they checked me and I was already dialated to 8cm and my water still hadn’t broken. I stood and swayed for a couple of hours until I was just over 9.5cm and we decided to break my water because I was starting to feel the urge to push.

I started pushing at a little before 5am and Miles arrived at 6:04am. He had meconium in the water so he had to be suctioned out and cleaned up quickly when his head came out. His shoulders then got stuck and it took a bit of coordinated tugging by the doc and pushing by me to get his shoulders out. I have a great deal of stitches from the all the tearing he did as he came out. He was so big that he didn’t actually start to drop until Sarah and hubby both held my legs apart to get my pelvis to widen even more. Nobody could believe how big he was!

9lbs 15oz and somewhere between 19.5″ and 22″ long (he wouldn’t sit still for a good measurement 🙂

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