Missy’s Baby

by Missy, USA

I was still breast-feeding my third child when we found out we were pregnant with our fourth. The conception date was never certain and upon my first appointment with my doctor I learned that I was already five months along making the due date 6/4/09. On May 17, 2009 I had some small contractions but nothing like the ones I had during my previous three pregnancies. I was not alarmed, but extremely tired and went to bed. Around 3:00am I got my husband up and told him that we needed to go to the hospital. He, being a man and never experiencing actual labor pains questioned if I was sure. I at that point experiencing serious contractions informed that we were for sure having a baby.

We went to the hospital and the nurse did not believe that I was in labor she stated that I was experiencing uterine activity and not contractions but I already had three births under my belt and told her that I was sure that I was having this baby. She stated that she would check with the midwife and get back to me. The midwife was the same midwife I had with my third child. My third child came so fast that the midwife did not have time to put gloves on. The midwife informed the nurse to check me since she’d had experience with me.

The nurse checked me around 4am and discovered I was at 8cm and having this baby, as if I did not know. Everyone kept telling me to wait as they thought I was three weeks early. I kept telling them that I would love to wait but Ophelia was not going to wait anymore. My group B strep test results had not come back so that dosed me with penicillin and wanted me to wait an hour after receiving the dose of penicillin. Again I told them I did not think the baby was going to wait. They told me to try to wait until 7:05 am. I informed the midwife that I did not think I could wait that long as I was already getting the sensation to push. The midwife decided after thirty minutes I had waited long enough and allowed me to start pushing. The baby was born at 6:50am, my fastest birth. I was glad to have her naturally. I felt so tired that day but the next day I was ready to go home and felt good.

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