Natural Baby Care

Natural baby care is all about raising up a healthy, happy little one while making choices that are friendly to your baby, your family, and the environment.

Your plans for your baby's care being at birth and you'll be making baby care choices right from the first minutes after your baby's birth. Pregnancy is the best time to research birth choices, so you'll be prepared when you have your baby.

The first few days of taking care of your baby can be overwhelming, but baby care basics soon become routine:

  • Diapering (and maybe elimination communication!)
  • Feedings
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Soothing

Your baby really just wants to be with you – and be warm, full, clean and dry. You'll master these basics and just enjoy your long-awaited little one 🙂

Considering Routines

The early weeks with your baby fly by, but once you get through those you'll feel more confident and ready to get back into life.

This is a great time to consider a gentle routine with your baby. A routine encompasses all the baby care you're already doing for your baby – you just purposefully decide to follow the same general pattern every day.

Your baby learns this gentle routine and both of you thrive. Even moms who like spontaneity find that a regular routine is helpful with baby. You know about when your baby gets hungry or needs a nap, and it's easier to run errands or go on outings with friends and their babies.

You can also nap when your baby naps 😉

Baby Basics and Beyond

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