Pink Kit: Breathing for Labor

My hubby and I are continuing our work through the Pink Kit. Or at least I’m trying. I’m starting to think Scott must have been a classic class clown by the way he jokes around when we’re working through our Pink Kit exercises. I swear I have to use the breathing we’ve learned just to stop laughing and focus on the materials.

We are actually getting through it though and both of us are actually reading the materials. Reading separately and then going over together in the evening seems to be working well for us. Having the books in .pdf format is nice too.

Aside from the logistics and laughter (which isn’t a bad thing 😉 ) we’re still working through the initial part of the PK, which is breathing for labor. Last night we went over using breath to relax different parts of the body.

I particularly enjoyed one exercise and found it helpful. I’ve done practice with directed relaxation and breath before – where you breath in deeply and focus on relaxing one area of your body (sometimes after you’ve tensed it first). But this PK activity suggested breathing through relaxation in your pelvis – feeling it open up and expand as you breathed into it.

I liked this exercise (not sure how much Scott got out of it lol) because I think it’ll be a good focus to have during birth, and even now during Braxton-hicks contractions. I want to keep that area open and relaxed so my body and baby can do the work they need to opening up and navigating through all the muscles, bone, and cartilage that sit in the pelvis. I’ve been practicing it throughout today and can honestly say it’s never an area I’ve focused on opening during my relaxation practice. I’m glad for the practical ideas and well-written materials that come with the Pink Kit :p

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