Pouch Sling Baby Carriers

A pouch sling is one of the easiest kinds of baby carriers to use. It also looks very stylish!

The carrier is a simple piece of fabric sewn in a loop (much like a beauty pageant or scouting sash). It's cut especially for your baby. No rings or knots are in the way.

Just nestle your baby inside the pouch and go. When you're done, fold it up and stow it right in your diaper bag =)

baby boy in a pouch sling

An Easy Start

A pouch is cut with a built in pocket for your baby. You simply slide your baby into the pocket and go! It's ideal if you're new to using a baby carrier with your child.

A pouch sling is also a confidence builder for daddies or other caregivers who want to wear their babies but are not sure about using a sling or another style carrier.

Pouches are thin enough to be left on if you put your baby down. They can also be left behind your baby when you slip him or her into the car seat. Or you can slip out of the sling and leave your baby sleeping peacefully after you've “worn” him or her to sleep!

The Right Fit is Essential

You need to choose the right size because a pouch sling can't adjust. Be sure your baby sits up high on your body. If your baby is hanging down in the pouch sling it hurts your back and your baby won't be secure.

Try on pouches to ensure a high, secure fit. Or closely follow the guidelines given for choosing the correct size.

Even if you're choosing a pouch for an older baby, or if you intend to use your pouch on through toddlerhood, choose a well-fitting pouch. As your baby grows there'a less of him in the pouch. It adapts with your baby. And you really want a good fit when you have a bigger toddler on your hip!

Pouch Positions

A pouch sling is pretty straightforward and simple to figure out.

To get started fold your pouch in half and slip it on over your arm and head like you would a sash or messenger bag.

Adjust the pouch around your body until the seam portion is where you want your baby's bottom to rest.

Be sure that the fabric is lying flat on your body and the shoulder fabric is spread to be comfortable. Open the pouch and pop your baby in!

You can put your baby into a reclining position (much like a cradle position you'd use with a ring sling.) This position is ideal for very tiny babies and for nursing.

There should be fabric between you and your baby if you choose this position. Your baby is truly in a “pouch” of fabric. Aim your baby's bottom right down onto the seam of your pouch sling. It may be easier to have help putting your baby in as you are first learning to use your pouch sling.

Another favorite pouch position is the hip carry. This is the same as it is with a ring or tie sling. Hold your baby close to you and slide her down into the pouch so that she is sitting on the seam. There won't be fabric between you and your baby – instead, the pouch fabric will be pulled up under her knees and high on her back.

You can shift your baby around to the back of your hip if you need to have your arm in front of your hip for a few moments – however, a pouch is not the best carrier for a back carry or an upright front carry.

Simple and Sweet

A pouch sling is very simple to use. It can be taken virtually everywhere so you'll always have a baby carrier when you need it. If you're a little unsure about baby carriers, or rings or knots, then a pouch carrier may be perfect for you to start with. They're stylish, easy, and make happy babies. Go ahead – choose one you love – you and baby will both be delighted!

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