SleepyWrap Review

I used a SleepyWrap carrier with Galen for the first several months of his life and I loved it!  The carrier is very versatile and very cozy, which I really enjoyed.  I wrote this Sleepy Wrap review when Galen was very young and I used the carrier daily.

newborn Corwin in the sleepywrap
Here's me with a newborn Corwin in the SleepyWrap. Corwin is the 3rd baby I've used my wrap for!

Wrap carriers are very popular and there are many to choose from. The most obvious difference between them is the fabric – some are woven and others are a stretchy knit. I own both types and I like the stretchy knit of the SleepyWrap.

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Extra Stretch

My SleepyWrap is especially stretchy – one of the wrap's unique features is just how much stretch it has. The instructions say to put the wrap on tightly – not leaving any “slack” for the baby! I was skeptical at first, but I followed the directions given and put it on tightly.

When I pulled it out and tucked Galen down into it I noticed how snug and cozily it held him right away – it was a perfect fit! He was in nice and secure, but not too tight. The SleepyWrap is true to its claim of extra stretch built in.

The SleepyWrap also claims it will hold the baby at the same level without much settling or shifting. I've found this to be true for the most part – despite the stretch my baby stays where I put him. The only time I've found this not to be true is when I take my baby in and out of the wrap several times (such as when we're running errands and I have to put him in the carseat several times). Then he'll begin to sink down a little below where I'd originally placed him, but not much.

Another benefit of the wrap is I can put it on under other layers (like a jacket) and I don't have to take my jacket back off again to put Galen in, as I do with some other carriers. For me that's a huge benefit because it keeps me warm while outside in the cold. All in all I was really pleased.

Baby's Opinion

Having baby facing you or facing out work well, but I especially like having my baby cuddled facing in. If he falls asleep I can easily adjust one of my shoulder straps to cradle his head. I'll admit I fall in love with him all over again every time I do this because he just looks so sweet and innocent!

Galen definitely approves of the wrap. True to its “sleepy” name, he often falls asleep in it. It keeps him cozy and close to me, and he can drift in and out of sleep. He's also up high on me so he can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells all around him!

The SleepyWrap comes with a small, matching carrying pouch. I've really appreciated this thoughtful feature because wrap slings are hard to keep neat. The bag holds in nicely and compactly folded up, keeping it off the floor and easy to get to.

All in all I really like my SleepyWrap. My biggest problem with it is the color – lol! It's a beautiful red color that matches half of my wardrobe…but not the other half. So I'm seriously considering getting another one so I can always match. If only all of life's issues were as easy to solve 😉

Update 2013:

I did end up getting a new SleepyWrap – in navy blue this time! I've now used the carrier with Galen, Honor, and Corwin and I have loved it for each and every baby. It's my go-to carrier for newborns <3

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baby in a SleepyWrap

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