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We’ve finally started The Pink Kit off for this pregnancy! Wow. Time for childbirth education already :p Before long you’re going to be browsing the blog to see “has she had that baby yet??”

But we still have a bit of time now. The Pink Kit (PK) starts off earlier than most childbirth education courses – around mid-pregnancy. There is a lot to cover and the entire kit has a lot of information in it.

We’re actually starting a little bit late with all the traveling and sick kids and all. And figuring out how best to use the materials together. The PK gives a good time-line of when to use what resource (read more about it in my Pink Kit review) – but we still have to figure out how to get both of us to learn it.

I thought I’d share how we do it here in the blog so you’ll get an idea of what might work for you and your birth partner.

We discovered pretty quickly that reading everything together at night is not going to work. First, we read at different speeds and reading everything out loud is too slow. Secondly, both of us and especially Scott associate reading at night with getting ready to fall asleep. So he got sleepy really fast :p

What we decided to do was read the sections separately on our own during the day or evening. Then we will go back together and do the exercises from that section before bed. I think this will work well for now because our first PK resource is New Focus – Breath, Lanuguage & Touch, and it’s all a text ebook. Scott printed up a hard copy for us to use as we work through the exercises together, but both of us find the ebook easier to read during the day as we’re by the computer.

For our starters we’re reading up to page 30 of New Focus which gets us through the first breathing awareness exercises. Tonight we’ll go back through the actually exercise and observations.

Tomorrow we’ll probably go through page 40. The book is nicely divided so we should be able to pace ourselves through it over the next month, which is when we begin to use the PK DVD and other materials.

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