Tension and Relaxation During Birth

Moving along in our Pink Kit work we did our next video section, which talks about how tension and relaxation can influence and affect the course of your baby’s birthing.

This section felt pretty familiar. After reading through New Focus and having gotten through most of the video I’ve learned a whole lot about relaxation and about my own body – and how to relax it.  We’ve also already started the Internal Work (which I promise I’ll write about!) and that has helped me explore relaxation a lot.

So this section of the video, which deals further with relaxation, and how tension can cause unnecessary pain, was pretty intuitive at this point.   I liked the discussion on the types of tension – Conscious, Unconscious, Structural, and Stretching.  Plenty of practical suggestions help you learn how to release each type of tension.

Practice and conditioning are urged in this section and I really agree with that.  It takes practice to explore the different types of tension, and to learn how your body responds to things.  Repeated practice will help you condition your body to relax.  Practicing the Pink Kit skills will help you identify and release tension quickly.  This section of the video went more deeply into how to breath and release tension in specific areas of your body.

Working on general relaxation as well as specific places is also a good idea – I think you should take time every day to work through relaxing your body and mind, and affirming your body and knowing you have the skills and resources you need to have a good birth 🙂  I know I’m enjoying having my Pink Kit skills and awareness build more every week!

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