The Bony Pelvis

It’s a little intimidating to think about a baby coming through your pelvis. Yet it happens, and it happens pretty efficiently. Understanding just how that occurs is part of any childbirth education class – the Pink Kit just takes it a little further. In our PK session on the structure of the bony pelvis I actually got to get a good feel for the dimensions of my own pelvis.

There are some parts of your pelvis that you just can’t feel – after all, they’re inside of you. But you can feel the outer pelvis, the lowest part, and you can feel some of the top of it.

It was pretty interesting to feel my own unique shape – what the Pink Kit calls “mapping the pelvis” – this is mapping the pelvic outlet. Some midwives and doctors do a similar assessment to determine how much “room” a woman has to let her baby out. This is much better in my opinion because well, it’s a lot easier to figure things out for yourself than having someone else poke around!

I found out that I have a lot of room front to back, but the area between my “sit bones” – side to side – is just about average for me. You measure by seeing if the width of your fist will fit between the sit bones (those two bits of pelvic bone you sit on!) – a fist width is about average. Scott’s fist is a lot wider than mine and he couldn’t fit his.

The video showed drawings of several common shapes (mine was there!) and talked a lot about figuring yours out. It also encouraged partners to figure their own shape out. Scott determined he would not be good at baby having :p Luckily, as the video pointed out, men and women tend to have slightly different pelvic shapes!

Our next section is on how different positions during labor can help you open up for your baby and work with your own body. I’m looking forward to it!

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