Which baby wipes solution?

by Sarah R.

(Ft. Lewis, WA)

We currently cloth diaper and use cloth wipes. We are using a Northern Essence brand solution, but my hubby is convinced it doesn’t work(it does, you just have to wet the cloth with warm water when its a big poopie!) So we are looking for more recipes. I have tried some you have listed, but i wanted to know, which is your favorite? Which one lasts longer? Which one is best for those monster poo’s?



Hi Sarah,

I have definitely found that the first two recipes – with the baby wash in them, work best for cleaning up poop.

I prefer Calendula oil over Olive oil just because I prefer not to have my babies smell like a pizza 😉 (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

For baby wash, with Galen I have used both [raw]Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash[/raw] and [raw]Weleda Baby Calendula Wash[/raw]. I like both of them, and feel very confident in the purity of both. Weleda’s baby line is my overall favorite though (just personal preference – I also use the Weleda Calendula Oil.)

I think if your little one has issues with diaper rash the Aloe Vera recipe is a good choice – the aloe is soothing and the tea tree oil can help with any yeast problems. The Vitamin E from the final recipe is also pretty effective. I haven’t used that one much – I mostly use Vitamin E on chapped cheeks (it usually heals them overnight!)

I like putting the wipes solution into a bottle, then adding it to the wipe. I think they last longer that way, and I don’t have to worry about wipes getting mildewed. I just wet the wipe with warm water and squirt the solution on.

I’ve found the aloe recipe to last longest just because I tend to use less of it since it has a thick texture. But my favorite recipes are the baby wash ones because they’re simple to make and work well.

With big poops I also usually rinse my baby’s bottom under warm running water, then wipe clean. I think that makes life easier, though some moms think it’s harder!

For reference, here’s the homemade baby wipes recipes!

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