Working with the Soft Tissue of the Pelvis

I’m a little bit behind on writing about our Pink Kit work. We’ve done two more sections of the video and we’ve also started the “internal work” – which is done daily until baby comes. I’ll write about that in another post.

In this post I’ll write a bit about one of the video sections – the section on the soft tissue of the pelvis.

I was actually reluctant to write about this at first because when I first watched the video section I had a lot of trouble with it! I could visualize and understand perfectly what they were talking about, but making my body relax was very hard.

This section deals with the “soft parts” of your pelvis – all the tissues and muscle surrounding and attached to your pelvis. There’s actually an amazing amount down there when you sit and actually look at a diagram of it. All tissues and muscles you pretty much take for granted – at least I know that I did!

I had to watch the video section a couple of times, and read in the Companion Guide for the exercises in the soft pelvis section. The Companion Guide just gives handy step-by-step directions to the exercises you see on the video (Essential Preparations gives more in-depth information and background for the video).

It took some practice for me to do the internal technique – The Pelvic Clock. It was something I really had to get for myself since Scott can’t really help me figure out that particular muscle set (though he has helped me a lot through the internal work – which I’ll talk about in its own post!). It just took a lot of concentration for me to realize that I can consciously feel those muscles.

I can see where working with the soft tissue of the pelvis – especially learning to relax it – will help a lot during labor. If that tissue is soft, warm, and relaxed the baby is able to move through much more easily. Tightening those muscles intentionally helps me to feel just how much that “closes me up” and would make it hard for the baby to come down. This is another section I’ll practice through regularly as we count down to to the birth.

I’m really grateful for the Pink Kit and how much it’s helping me learn about my own birthing body, and the skills I’m developing that will help so much when my birthing time comes 🙂

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