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Handling GBS in Pregnancy

Group B Strep is one of the biggest concerns for pregnant women today. A positive GBS screen has the potential to completely change the way your labor goes because IV antibiotics mean a lot of restrictions on your movement and freedom during labor. Wiping out all bacteria (both “bad” AND “good”) with antibiotics isn’t the […]

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Quick Tips to Prevent Tearing During Childbirth

Tearing while you’re giving birth is one of the biggest fears mamas have. Not only does it sound really painful, you worry about how it could impact your future comfort (and your enjoyment of intimacy). Fortunately there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of tearing. In today’s video we’re focusing on three […]

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Let’s Talk About Pain in Childbirth

Or, Baby Elvis and the Amazing Pelvis 😉 Pain in childbirth is taboo on both sides of the line – it’s either terrible and unbearable, or we shouldn’t talk about it because natural birth is ecstatically blissful. Personally, I think natural childbirth is incredible, ecstatic, and exhilarating… but I also think it’s hard work. Talking […]

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Scope 048: Getting the Most out of Prenatal Appointment

Many of the mamas in my online pregnancy classes and natural childbirth classes feel really confident in their pregnancy health. You know what it takes to stay healthy, grow a healthy baby, and prepare for a safe (and smooth) natural birth. So when you go for a prenatal appointment, you know all will look great. […]

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The MamaBaby Fitness Challenge Is Kicking Off!

Are you hoping for a year of feeling positive, energetic, and fit? I know I am – and I know that there are a lot of mamas who are hoping, just like me, for this to be a great year. “Great” means a lot when you’re a mama – getting two lines on a pregnancy […]

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Scope 045: What’s in my Diaper Bag

Here’s what I carry in our diaper bag – and why I carry it along! This is a cloth diaper bag and it’s taken me through thick and thin just fine 😀 I show how I organize the diapers, give tips for storing wipes, cover if the bag would work on an airline, and show […]

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Scope 044: Are You Breastfeeding Using Bottlefeeding Techniques?

We’ve been doing breastfeeding all wrong – just a few generations of bottle-feeding were enough to essentially erase ages of women’s wisdom about nursing babies. Breastfeeding problems and low milk supply seem epidemic… but could returning to breastfeeding the way nature intended it make a difference? I believe it can – and I talk about […]

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