Pink Kit Benefits for me

We've been working on our Pink Kit “routines” pretty much every night – give or a take a few 😉  But we've been working it consistently.

One of our Pink Kit techniques – the Hip Lift – has been really helpful during pregnancy.  I have had some pain in my right hip my last three pregnancies.  It's pain from my sciatic nerve getting pinched, and it's a very intense, very sharp pain.  I found relief this pregnancy in swimming.  However, once we stopped going to the bay a few times a week (it got cold way up north here!), the pain returned.

I had the idea to have Scott try the Hip Lift technique because it seemed like it would help relieve pressure on the nerve.  I'm super pleased to say that it did!  We've done it twice now, several days apart each time.  It seems to help move my bones enough to let the nerve settle somewhere better.  It's been over a week now and no pain has returned yet, so I'm happy.  One less ache to think about 😉

We've also been doing our Internal Work very regularly.  I've found it challenging to learn to relax all the muscles of the birth canal while having pressure applied to them.  But about a week ago I noticed I was able to keep relaxed much, much more.  And the past few nights I've noticed the amount of tension I felt in the muscles to be much less.  It could be that birth hormones are starting to kick in even more and soften those tissues.  But I actually asked Scott to work harder on the side muscles last night because I'm used to feeling some tension there – and there was hardly any once I relaxed.

I'm pleased.  I like the Internal Work because it gives me a good chance to focus on the muscles I'll need to relax as my baby's head is moving down and out.  I would really like to experience that feeling on a more concious level at this birth.  During my other births I found the pushing stage overwhelming.  I'm feeling good about the Internal Work and think it will help me to feel more in control of helping my baby come down and out to meet us 🙂

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