Positions for Labor and Birth

We’re continuing on through The Pink Kit video and Essential Preparations book. I’ve enjoyed learning about myself and getting ready for the birth through this.

Good Positioning for Your Body

Our latest section was on positions for labor and birth. This is a really vital topic. Many natural childbirth education courses cover it. The Pink Kit difference is that before we started this section we had a section on the Bony Pelvis. This first section is significant because it gives you a chance to figure out what your own lower pelvis is like – the shape of the bones your baby will come through. After you’ve gotten a feel for that you get to work with many different positions for laboring and birthing – and you can feel which ones open you up the most!

I enjoyed this section of the video. It was great to see so many different positions actually demonstrated and many useful tips were explained. I know I’ll watch this section several more times, especially as the birth gets closer. I’m sure Scott enjoyed it because he got to watch me being silly and trying out all the different positions 😉

Does This Feel Open?

Since watching the video I’ve been observing just how “open” my pelvis feels when I am in different positions. It’s interesting because there are positions where I really feel “closed” and know those wouldn’t be good to labor in. And I’ve been able to notice others that I feel good and open in.

I can’t believe how aware I’ve gotten since starting to use the Pink Kit. I really pay attention to my breathing and my body much more. The PK has given me a lot of good basic skills that I can practice in many situations. And again, I’m really glad for the video and the fact I’ll be able to practice with it to really get my skills down before the birth!

We’ll be moving on through more video sections – our next goes again the the bony pelvis, and how you can help make it more open and assist your baby’s descent. I find myself looking forward to learning even more!

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